Five Tips to Survive Exam Week

College is stressful on its own, but add an exam week and the stress begins to escalate. After pulling my fair share of all-nighters I’ve realized some tips and tricks that help me manage the stress!

  1. 1. Break Exams Down Into Small Sections

    This seems pretty obvious, but the best way to study for an exam is to break up the material into manageable chunks. Unfortunately, this means you should probably stop your Netflix binge and start studying at least a few days before your exam. Pushing off studying to cram the night before might sound appealing in the moment, but think about how much sleep you’ll be missing out on. Sleep helps solidify your memories so make sure you are getting those Zs by studying earlier in the week, your mind will thank you later!

  2. 2. Have Snacks at Hand

    Studying on an empty stomach is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Keep your body happy by having small snacks throughout a study session! However, be careful of mindless eating. It is important to portion your snacks and to choose ones that will keep you fueled. Some of my favorite study snacks are trail mix (extra M&Ms), granola bars, and fruit snacks!

  3. 3. Find a Reliable Study Spot

    We all know how busy the library can be, especially during exam weeks. You circle each floor looking for a spot, but there are never any available! Avoid this by finding a go-to spot on campus! Usually, I’ll scope out a few different buildings and eventually settle on my favorite spot. Don’t be afraid to venture outside the library into an empty classroom or study room! My favorite spots to study are on the first floor in Hancock Hall, in the architecture library on the ground floor of Cowgill Hall, at a booth inside Deet’s, or (if the weather is nice) in a hammock on the Drillfield. Pro tip- if you swipe into D2 in the morning you can stay there for the day without having to swipe-in again! I’ve done that a few times and got a load of work done!

  4. 4. Take Study Breaks

    Staring at a textbook, doing endless practice problems, or rereading lecture notes can take its toll on you. Keep your mind sharp and refreshed by taking study breaks. My favorite ways to take a break from studying include going for a run, listening to music or a good podcast, taking a power nap, or face timing my parents. Taking 20 minutes every hour or so to focus on your body will help keep you and your mind happy and ready to learn!

  5. 5. Plan a Post Exam Activity

    Exams can take a large toll on you, so make sure you plan for what happens after them! Whether that is a movie night with snacks, a mini spa night, or going out with friends, make sure that you plan something fun to do. Take time for yourself and listen to what your body needs. Take that three-hour nap, watch the next episode, eat that snack because after a hard week of studying, you deserve it!

These tips are what get me through my exam weeks. Hopefully they can help you with yours. Remember to stay strong, study hard, and relax afterward. You got this, girl!

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