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Do you ever get bored of on-campus dining? Are you tired of constantly having to cook for yourself? Do you have friends and family visiting and need a place to take them?

If any of these apply to you, then I have you covered. Here are some of my favorite restaurants in Blacksburg.

El Rodeo

Hands down, it’s the best Mexican restaurant around the Blacksburg area. Regardless of what people say, El Rodeo is the best place to go to Mexican food if you’re craving some arroz con pollo or enchiladas. If you’re on a budget, El Rodeo offers lunch and dinner combos that can save you money — all while getting the most bang for your buck.

Ridiculous CHicken

After living in South Korea for two years, I crave Korean food from time to time. While some might say it’s not the world’s greatest — which, all things considered, this is still better than most — I personally love their tteokbokki and soy garlic wings. They have Korean corn dogs so is there really anything left to say?

622 North

Honestly, I’ve only been here for a Sunday brunch — and that’s all I needed to know that this restaurant is amazing. While a bit more on the expensive side, 622 North has an amazing menu with delicious food. My Sunday favorite is the chicken and waffles, but I’ve heard they have a plethora of wonderful dishes throughout the week. So, if you want to impress some people, take them to 622 North.

Happy Wok

Another budget-friendly option, Happy Wok is located right next to The Lyric and offers great meal combos for lunch and dinner. Now, maybe this is on the list because I have fond memories of getting Chinese food with my fellow Hokies, but their cashew chicken and orange chicken meals are too good to not be on this list. Plus, they have some amazing wonton soup for a cold day.

Kuma Moon

While Kuma Moon has only recently opened up, I can’t help but love this restaurant. Of all of the ramen places around Blacksburg, Kuma Moon is by far my favorite. Not only do they serve ramen, but they have chicken karaage and an amazing menu full of boba drinks. If you’re looking for a drink recommendation, try their mango fruit tea with lychee jelly or Thai milk tea. As for ramen, the “Hakata” tonkatsu goes uncontested for me — but my friend prefers their “Sapporo” miso.

While there are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Blacksburg, these are some of my favorite restaurants for all types of dining.

Madi Armstrong

Virginia Tech '23

Madi Armstrong is a senior studying multimedia journalism with minors in Spanish and creative writing. Through writing, she hopes to empower those around her to advocate for what they believe in and to use their experiences in ways to help others. Proud to be part of Her Campus, she hopes to leave a lasting impact and create an environment where everyone feels welcome.