Five Mini-Vacation Options for Spring Break 2020

Somehow, spring break 2019 has come and gone. But, spring break 2020 is already on the horizon. It’s that time of year where the gym is more crowded, the library is packed, and every last penny is being saved in order to prepare for the trip of a lifetime. Many students go on road trips to the beach, while some opt to take trips to big cities with friends or family. However, if you’re one of the dedicated Hokies staying in Blacksburg over break, it can cause a serious case of FOMO. Don’t fret, though, you can still have a fun, adventurous spring break that doesn’t require too much travel or stress on your bank account. Blacksburg is a perfect starting point to travel to many smaller, adorable cities in the south for a day, overnight, or even a weekend! Here are five cities that you should consider traveling to this spring break.



1. Asheville, North Carolina

This artistic enclave of North Carolina is the perfect juxtaposition of Blue Ridge Mountain culture and museums, art, and an overall hippie-esque vibe. It takes three hours to get to Asheville from Blacksburg, making it the perfect destination for an overnight trip. Bring a couple of friends to grab drinks downtown or explore the shops and museums at your own pace. My personal recommendations? See a concert at The Orange Peel, eat some of the best biscuits and honey at Tupelo Honey, take a tour of the Biltmore, and block off at least three hours to explore downtown and window shop at all the quirky stores. Oh, and Asheville is beyond insta-worthy, so bring a camera and capture all the adorable aspects of this city!



2. Johnson City, Tennessee

If you’ve ever heard Wagon Wheel, you’ve probably heard of this small city in East Tennessee. As a Tennessee native, I may be slightly biased, but Johnson City is the perfect place to take a small day trip and support the abundance of small businesses here. A two-hour drive from Blacksburg, you can see a little bit of everything this town has to offer in one day. If you’re into hiking, take an extra hour or two and hike Roan Mountain for some incredible views. If you’re more of a foodie, go downtown and grab a bite at White Duck Taco shop, Scratch Brick Oven, or The Label and swing by Fizz Soda Bar for a retro dessert. Or if you happen to be there when the Auntie Ruth’s food truck is at the Farmers Market, make sure to grab a pretzel or a donut! If you’re a beer fanatic, stop by Yeehaw Brewing Company. On your way back home, stop by Pal’s Sudden Service, a regional fast food joint that you can’t find anywhere outside of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, for some cheddar rounds and a sweet tea.



3. Richmond, Virginia

Home to many Hokies, VCU, and our state capitol, Richmond has a little bit of everything for everyone. Museums, restaurants, an art scene, shopping; Richmond has all these things in abundance and you’ll never run out of things to do here, making it perfect to take a few days out of your week to explore. Take the three-hour drive to see the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, window shop in Carytown, or just drive around the city to see all the murals and art. Grab a bite at one of the amazing restaurants downtown and walk to the Capitol Building after. Even better, connect with one of your friends from VCU and ask them to show you their favorites around the city!



4. Roanoke Virginia

Looking to escape Blacksburg for a just few hours? Take the quick drive to Roanoke! Roanoke is only fifty minutes away and sometimes it feels like has just what Blacksburg is missing, even if that’s a mall with more than five or six stores you actually shop at. Explore downtown or just go to the mall and visit the puppy store to see some good boys! If you look close enough, you’ll find some variations of popular Blacksburg stores, such as 310 Rosemont and Mill Mountain. However, you’re also bound to find a few places that you just can’t find in Blacksburg, such as a candy store that is literally named The Candy Store. If you decide to stay later in the night, take the small hike to see the Mill Mountain Star that overlooks the city for some gorgeous views.



5. Charlotte, North Carolina

If you’ve ever wanted to go see your favorite band on tour during the school year, chances are your best bet was buying tickets at their show in Charlotte and taking a quick road trip with some friends. However, Charlotte has so much to offer that it’s worth your time to stay a day or two and explore the city. Buy a ticket to Carowinds to spend a day riding coasters with friends, shop until you drop at the truly boujee South Park Mall or explore one of the unique museums. Nascar Hall of Fame, anyone? If none of those things excite you, buy a ticket to whatever concert is bound to be playing in the area and spend the night singing your heart out!


You don’t have to spend a ton of money, travel to an exotic beach, or even leave the state to have a great spring break next year. Ultimately, as long as you’re in good company and you’re willing to explore what all this world has to offer, you are bound to have a wonderful time no matter what you decide to do. Have fun and be safe, Hokies!


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