Find Your Flavor With Diet Coke

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We all know that flavors and personalities go hand-in-hand so if you’re into astrology we’ve paired the zodiac signs with the flavors we think compliment those signs the best. Take a second and pick your favorite, or what you think would be your favorite, flavor and then keep scrolling to find out if you picked the one that matches your zodiac sign. For an added bonus of fun and flirty flavor we’ve added some matching lippies and nail colors that will really match your personal flavor!


  • Blueberry Acai - Pisces and Capricorn


Jeffree Star Abused and OPI Chopstix and Stones

The blueberry acai is a refreshing and chill drink that makes you feel like you should kick back and relax. It’s got a light blueberry scent and flavor, and while it may seem unusual it actually happens to be one of the best flavors in my opinion. It’s not overly sweet but still maintains the integrity of what a Diet Coke tastes like, which is reminiscent of the grounded nature of Pisces and Capricorns.


  • Feisty Cherry - Aries and Gemini


Jeffree Star You. Better. Work. and OPI Berry Fairy Fun

This flavor is the most interesting of the bunch, with it’s fruity note accompanied by a lingering punch of chili that allows the drink to live up to the name ‘Feisty Cherry’. This is not a flavor for those who enjoy sweet, or fruity flavored sodas as the spiciness may result in a sudden wake up call for the person drinking it. This is reminiscent of some Gemini friends of mine who while generally pretty relaxed, have a tendency to become loud and hard to miss when they want to be noticed. This personality matches great with a flavor that demands for its consumer to stop and take a second sip as they try to determine where the kick of chili came from.


  • Ginger Lime - Aquarius and Scorpio


C.O. Bigelow Mentha Ultra Lip Shine ane OPI I’m On a Sushi Roll

This is undoubtedly the most liked flavor among the group and among the older crowd of Diet Coke lovers as well. It has the old Lime Coke nostalgia with a little added flavor from the ginger. While it’s not the strongest flavor of the group it seems to bring out the most interest and emotion. This old school, memorable and inviting new flavor is a great pairing for the Aquarius and Scorpio personalities.

  • Zesty Blood Orange - Sagittarius and Leo


OPI Hot and Spicy and Lancome Juicy Tubes in Shimmer

A fruity drink that’s refreshing but leaves with you with a lingering punch of spice that makes the orange soda extremely different from any other you have ever tried. It’s a great drink for those late night study sessions or when you’re trying to prank a friend with what they would assume is just a sweet, fruity soda. The hidden zest that this flavor has reminds me exactly of some of my friends who are sweet but have a secret wild side to them like the Sagittarius and Leo’s.


  • Twisted Mango - Taurus and Cancer


OPI Gold Key to the Kingdom and Burt’s Bees Mango Chapstick

A tropical trip to the bahamas in a can. The hint of mango isn’t strong but it is noticeable and tastes the way summer and the sun make you feel. It’s really light but it’s a drink that makes you want to mix up a few cocktails and invite some friends over for a night of talking and dancing like the women in Mama Mia!.

  • Strawberry Guava - Virgo and Libra


Revlon Pinkissimo and OPI Cajun Shrimp.

Sweet and fruity, this flavor is by far my favorite in terms of taste and it fits my sign (Libra) pretty well. It’s not as sickly sweet as punch, but not as boring as plain soda so it’s the perfect middle ground. It’s the perfect drink for a day on the beach or a night in with the girls. Even though it’s sweet it doesn’t stop it from being one of the flavors that has the most punch and leaves you wanting to try more.



Hopefully you all got to go out and enjoy the Diet Coke College Campus Tour while they were here on campus sharing the newest flavors with us! If you missed out don’t worry, we have you covered. Monday, April 29th from 9am-2pm in Squires Booth A we will be having another free tasting and we’ll be giving away cans to anyone who stops by to try a new flavor!


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