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Fashion Week Street Style Trends To Try This Season

Fashion week, fashion week, fashion week; it’s in the headlines everywhere right now! September is an exciting time for all fashion lovers. It’s a time to be bold, inspired and creative. Fashion week attendees perfectly display that idea. Off the runway, the streets are the place for fashionistas to shine. Here’s three of the most popular street wear trends from London’s recent fashion week.

Layering Maxi Dresses:

This trend was seen many times throughout the week with many variations. The trend gives more versatility to a single piece and is ideal for transitioning wardrobes from summer to fall.


Culottes and Wide Leg Pants:

Its nice to see that not all pants are skinny! Wide leg pants and culottes made a major appearance everywhere this summer and are obviously here to stay this fall too.


Tailored Jackets:

Throwing on a tailored hip or knee length coat just makes any look more sophisticated. Fashion lovers in London paired long, neutral-toned coats with anything from maxi dresses to cropped jeans and shirt combos.

People everywhere are hopping on these looks and it’s only a matter of time before popular stores like Zara, H&M and Forever 21 start imitating them too. Which street wear trend will you be bold enough to try this season?


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