Fashion Rules Mini-Series: Never Mix Prints

We’ve all heard that it’s a major eye no no to mix prints. My mom always said save it for the clowns. But she’s so wrong! Fashion is, of course, all about breaking the rules and being creative. Mixing prints, colors and textures is a sure way to turn heads and make you stand out in the crowd. It takes a true fashionista to commit to the bold look. Check out this awesome chart for some pattern mixing inspiration.

Figuring out how exactly to mix prints can be intimidating but there’s a simple rule to make it easy and provide you with endless styling options.  First, choose one color to focus your outfit on.  After choosing a certain color, find prints that incorporate that color.  I always think it’s best to choose one print that uses the color as a pop and another that uses the color as a base. This is aesthetically pleasing and makes each pattern stand out rather than clashing.

My favorite pattern to mix is cheetah print and plaid.  They should seriously just be considered pattern neutrals because you can never go wrong with these two classic prints.

When it comes to mixing prints, there are so many levels.  You can opt to go simple— mixing patterned accessories such as shoes, clutches, and scarves, or you can go for the complete bold look by pairing different patterned tops and bottoms.

One of our favorite Fashionistas, Rachel (as featured in the second rules article), had a chance to view pattern mixing at its finest during Fall Fashion Week. Check out her instagram photo of designer Alice and Olivia’s awesome live set up. Rachel is a girl who most certainly would encourage all of us to go out there and wear what we want.  Her confidence is out of this world and her passion for fashion is truly inspiring. The aspiring stylist expresses her love for all things fashionably unique by saying, “I just love how it’s different for every person, and that's just the main reason why I love fashion. Because everyone’s ideal of fashion is just so completely different. I love all the diversity.”

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