Fall Essentials for Your Dorm

Everyone’s fave season is quickly approaching: FALL! It’s that time for football games, flannels, and all things pumpkin spice.  When it comes to fall fashion, we all know the optioEEns are endless – with the necessities of course being the softest jeggings, riding boots, and plaid scarfs. However, ladies, fall isn’t limited to just fashion!  With that being said, do you have all the essentials to make your temporary home the coziest place on earth for the upcoming season?  If not don’t worry--I’ve whipped up a short list of fall must haves for your dorm.

Cuddly Blankets

As it gets colder outside, staying warm is a must!  The number one item to have in your dorm during the fall is a dreamy, soft blanket, and the more the better!  The best to have are the lush, snuggly Sherpa or fur ones to keep you warm throughout the night or just for cuddle time.  Below are some perfect and cheap-girl friendly choices.


Make sure to also invest in some warm Hokie spirited fleece to bring along to those chilly football games.  The Campus Emporium downtown has some pretty awesome ones--make sure to go check them out and grab yours!

Fall Scents

The best feeling in the world is coming home to a sweet smelling dorm after a long day.  Make sure to stock up on all those pumpkin spice, cinnamon apple, and vanilla bean scents that make fall so special.  Keep in mind that candles aren’t allowed in dorm rooms (bummer) but don’t worry: there’s plenty of dorm friendly ways to keep your room smelling great.  Check out these plug ins, sprays, and diffusers for example.

Scary Movies and Sweet Snacks

Halloween is just around the corner so having scary movies around to grab for those boring rainy days or for a chill day in with bae is a must.  Plus, who can resist binge watching all of the Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street movies?  Another one of my personal favorite fall essentials would have to be all the endless sweets!  Make sure you have the perfect fall snacks to munch on for those movie nights.  Really anything pumpkin will do, but my go-to fall treat is this trashy popcorn and these delicious cupcakes! Check out these awesome recipes and try them out for yourself.

Flu Season

Although fall has so many perks, it does have one major downfall:  flu season.  Staying healthy can be hard with so many people constantly around.  Be prepared by keeping tissues and hand sanitizer in your room and in your bag or backpack.  There’s even cute designs and scents made specifically for the season!