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Spring Survival Kit- Flat lay
Sara Matthew

Extended Spring Break Survival Guide: How to Avoid the Staycation Blues

An eighteen-year-old truly has the world at their fingertips. At this newfangled age, one gains the privilege to cast a ballot in the presidential election, enlist in the army, and register for the selective service. Along with these enticing new abilities, how does living at home derive from the list?

Unfortunately for Virginia Tech students, this unforeseeable nightmare has become a reality. Goodbye, freedom, hello mom and dad’s couch. See you later college dorm, welcome childhood bedroom. As a result of efforts to contain recent outbreaks of COVID-19, many universities across the country have canceled in-person classes and advised students to move out of residence halls. While escaping the sweltering cesspool and petri dish of filth known as a co-ed dorm may elicit celebration, tears are unfortunately another foreseeable outcome.

To help battle the uncharted chaos of extended spring break, our chapter had the opportunity to sample some products from various beloved brands. Her Campus has partnered with First Aid Beauty, DivaCup, Azo, and Hallmark – and I have the pleasure to report first-hand my personal experience. As we all try to salvage our sanity (and brain cells) while living from home for the remainder of the semester, these products are sure to do the trick.

Long hair ties back into a sloppy low ponytail that resembles a hairstyle of the Founding Fathers. Grime and makeup prepare for their demise as cold water splashes over your face. At the end of a long day, there are few things as satisfying as a face wash. First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser elicits an especially pleasing form of clarity. This face cleanser is fragrance-free and gentle to leave skin feeling smooth and soft. No better way to pair living out of your childhood bedroom with baby-soft skin. Following the application of the cleanser, First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream Intense hydration makes a perfect pair that rivals the dynamic duo of Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

Spring Survival Kit- First Aid Beauty Samples
Sara Matthew

For those of us fortunate enough to spend spring break under the hot sun instead of at home, the DivaCup is a must for any bikini-wearing girl. The DivaCup is a reusable menstrual cup that catches period flow- because coverage is the last thing you want to worry about on vacation. This product ensures more time in a bikini than the bathroom. After all, shorts tans can be so unflattering.

Spring Survival Kit- Diva Cup
Sara Matthew

Along with proper coverage, every girl knows that proper nutrition is essential. I tried Azo Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic and was incredibly impressed by the results. This multivitamin restores the natural balance of good bacteria and yeast and helps maintain a healthy pH. Azo is a go-to for any girl- can’t forget to nourish to flourish.

Spring Survival Kit- AZO
Sara Matthew

The last product I had the pleasure of trying is from the company Hallmark. Infamous for their catchy slogans and giddy greetings, these products were ultimately my favorite. Hallmark Good Mail Cards are the perfect reminder to brighten your friend’s day or celebrate a loved one. Since March bears few holidays, I distributed these cards to my friends sporadically. I anticipated my friends to question the peculiarity of the gesture, but they appreciated it regardless of intent. Hallmark reminds me that you don’t need a reason to tell someone how much they mean to you. Sometimes the best relationships are strengthened on ordinary occasions.

Spring Survival Kit- Hallmark cards
Sara Matthew

Overall, these products are sure to beat the heat (and boredom) when it comes to extended spring break. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and thank First Aid Beauty, DivaCup, Azo, and Hallmark for their partnership with Her Campus.  I wish everyone a safe and splendid time off from school. Although our semester may not end in Blacksburg, I hope we can all come to share our love for Tech regardless of location. After all, being a Hokie is not restricted to a zip code.

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