DIY Room Decor

Having a space to call your own in college is vital to your happiness, and making that space welcoming is key. Walking into your dorm room or apartment bedroom should be comforting. How do you make a temporary room your home? Decorate. Decorating can be expensive but there are easy ways to DIY everything you need to add individuality to your space. Here are some of my favorite room décor DIYs.


1. Crate Desk Hutch



Crates are an underrated furniture hack. I bought these crates from Michael’s and pack books in them for moving. When I arrive at my apartment, I simply set the crates on their sides atop my desk! It is easier to move than a bulky desk hutch, and you can easily stack the crates however you like, as long as it is safe. Zip-tying the crates to one another or using a nail-gun to quickly drill the crates together provides an added safety measure, if desired.


2. Canvases That Inspire You



The best part of painting your own canvases is that you can paint whatever would make you happy every time you see it. My dream ride is a Ford F100 truck, so I painted this in a summer setting and have it hanging above my desk. It reminds me of a dream I have for the future while the phrase “Enjoy the Journey” reminds me to still be in the present.


3. Wire Photo Display



This wire photo display looks store bought, but my roommate actually made it using wooden skewer sticks, a hot glue gun, and copper colored spray paint. She spaced the sticks apart evenly using a ruler, next hot glued it together, then finally took it outside to spray paint after the glue dried. This is a super easy DIY that looks amazing on your wall. Clothespins can be used to hang photos, movie stubs, cut-outs from magazines, or hand-written notes.


4. Tassel Garland


Tassel garland is super easy to make and is the perfect way to transform a blank wall. Swapping out the colors for different holidays is a great way to make your own photo backdrop. To make your own tassel garland, all you need is tissue paper, string or ribbon, a hot glue gun, and scissors. Just follow the instructions here.


5. Painted Letter


Wooden letters are inexpensive and can be bought at Michael’s. Acrylic paint can be used to paint patterns or solid colors. If you are worried about your painting skills, there are pattern stencils you can buy. Also, hot-gluing fake flowers onto a wooden letter can add dimension to the piece and is an alternative to painting. I painted a wooden cut-out letter of my initial and had all of my friends sign it at my graduation party. Seeing their signatures always makes me smile.


Decorating your room should be fun, you deserve to live in a space that makes you happy. Your happiness should not be limited to a price tag, so save money by making your own decorations. Some crafts take more work than others, but it brings a feeling of accomplishment every time you hang something on your wall that you made yourself. Every time someone asks where you bought it, you get to say you made it yourself!


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Images 1, 2, and 3 are the author’s own.