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Disposable cameras are becoming more and more popular over the last couple of years, and they rightfully deserve to be. I was given my first disposable camera on my 16th birthday, and it was the best gift I ever received. Disposables transformed photography for me because they taught me a more relaxed and candid way of taking pictures. Disposable cameras are a great form of “On-the-go Photography” as they have a more exciting process than just snapping a picture on your phone. Anyone from a beginner to a professional can use disposable cameras and listed below are my tips and tricks to a successful disposable camera experience. 

Use Flash

If you want all of your photographs to turn out, I highly recommend always turning on the flash when you take a picture. By doing this, you avoid getting dark, foggy photographs that most likely will not come out. Even if you are outside in the sun, turn that flash on and capture the moment!

Develop Locally

After you have taken all of the pictures on the roll of film, and move into the developing process, try to get your film developed at your local camera shop. They tend to provide a faster turnaround time and better quality photographs than big name brands like CVS or Walgreens. 

Bring It With You Everywhere

Some of the best photographs you’ll ever take with your disposable camera are the ones you didn’t plan on taking. If you want to remember all of the candid and unexpected moments, carry your disposable with you everywhere you go.

Don’t Stand Too Far Away

When taking a picture with your disposable camera, you want to ensure that your subject is in focus. Disposable cameras don’t have an automatic focus function, so make sure your subject is within a 12 foot distance from the camera. The camera is your friend, so get close to it! 

Don’t Take All Your Photos at Once

Most disposable cameras have around 27 photographs on each roll of film. Try to take one or two pictures at a time, so you can make your camera last before you have to dispose of it!

Don’t Think You Need To Be a Professional

The best part about disposable cameras is that you need zero experience behind the camera to use them. They are great cameras for all levels of photography. All you need to know to take a picture is how to turn on the flash and say “Cheese!”

Disposable cameras are a great way to take a walk down memory lane. One of the best parts about a disposable camera is getting your film back. Opening up the envelope with all your printed photographs inside and finally looking back at all the memories you have made is like Christmas morning. There are also so many ways to share the photographs you took with your friends and family. You can make a scrapbook, hang your photos on the wall or even make a social media account! Now that you’ve got all the necessary tricks and tips, go get yourself a disposable camera and capture some non-disposable moments.

Kate Haas

Virginia Tech '23

Kate is a junior studying Multimedia Journalism at Virginia Tech. She is a curly-haired dreamer wanting to empower women with her writing. She is a proud member of Her Campus VT and a happy hokie!
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