Conflict in the Workplace: Don't Let it Destroy Your Peace

Healthy conflict is necessary to move forward in all types of relationships. However, to achieve the growth conflict produces, it has to be handled in the right way. So in complicated and unique environments such as the workplace, how do we properly deal with confrontation? How can we express concerns while maintaining a level of professionalism? These are thoughts that can consume college students who are concerned about their reputation in professional settings. I’ve learned through personal experiences that battling constant conflict in the workplace can become draining, but I’m here to let you in on a little secret. This doesn’t have to take away your peace! Here are 3 simple ways you can leave workplace drama at work!

  1. 1. Disengage

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    I know that this step can be easier said than done, especially when workplace conflict does not involve you. Getting into the drama can sometimes spice up a boring office, but it’s best for you to just disengage! This step has saved me from getting all worked up over an issue that does not involve me. When you engage in conversations and gossip at work, suddenly your focus is taken away from your tasks and enveloped into finding out what the latest whispers about. In high school, this behavior may have gone unnoticed, in a professional setting, this is not the case. In a professional atmosphere, we are constantly being observed whether we realize it or not. Sometimes, when involving ourselves too deeply into situations that do not directly impact us, we can create a negative reputation for ourselves without realizing it. Now, this does not mean that as powerful women, we should not stand up for injustices that take place in our workplace. However, there is a time and place to address every issue, and if you feel the need to get involved, let’s learn how to do it professionally so your peace does not get disrupted!

  2. 2. Don’t Dwell on it 

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    What happens if disengaging is impossible since you are the topic of the conflict? Don’t dwell on it; and from experience, this is the tip that I’ve learned from the most. Whether you got into a disagreement with your coworker or your boss has been reprimanding you all day, this tip can be useful! After a long day at your job or internship, it’s easy to think about it for the rest of the day. As a result of this, you may go into work the next day with an even worse attitude. This is a sure way to get yourself stuck into a negative pattern! Leave the workplace conflict at work, and point your focus into what matters; successfully doing your job! Don’t let the events at work dictate your entire mood because some situations aren’t worth our reactions. Promotion elevation is much more likely to come to you if you present yourself in a way that is poised and respectful. It is not meant for us to carry the problems of outside influences with us every day, and your mental and emotional health are much more important! Ladies, let’s leave the drama where it originated from; at work. You will sleep so much better at night not letting this stuff take control over you! 

  3. 3. Develop perspective

    Sometimes when we get caught up in the whirlwind of conflict, it can be difficult to see past it. Instead of constantly looking at conflict in a negative light, see it as an opportunity for growth! A healthy amount of reflection amid conflict is a good thing! Search deep within yourself to see how this can benefit you later on down the line! This step will allow you to be one step ahead in the game of workplace conflict! While the person you in conflict with thinks that they got the best of you, show them how much they have helped you. Maybe that argument helped learn patience or active listening? Or to take it a step further, perhaps you learned how to keep your composure? Ultimately, experiencing conflict at work is what we make of it, so use it to develop perspective! 


Now that you have these 3 tips to guide you, go tackle conflict in your workplace! Shake up the entire office by applying the tips listed above, and along the way take note of any other coping mechanisms you have picked up! Let them know disputes will no longer have control over your life, you can thrive from conflict, just adjust your outlook!