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Caroline, Queen of Layering

Nothing like a soft, crisp morning in Blacksburg to tell us what we already know — wear layers. In the summer to fall transition, we dabble in some longer sleeves and jeans here and there, but come fall, there is a rule of layering that we must abide by. (Especially in a town where temperatures are subject to change at every waking moment.)

So we asked Caroline, a Junior majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Design with a minor in International Studies, for her style advice. While notably the “queen of layering,” pairing chunky sweaters, with button-ups and signature denim; Caroline is also involved with Chi Alpha at Virginia Tech, is fond of spontaneous road trips and is likely making your commute easier—as she recently started driving for Blacksburg Transit.

How do you define your personal style?

Probably, free. Yeah whatever is comfortable that day. I really like color, loose-fitting, flowy things, nothing constructing or confining.

Who is your style icon?

…I’m picturing all my Teen Vogue covers, I know she exists… Can you think of anyone?

What’s your must-have piece for fall?

My denim shirt, it has a hole over here because I was at a bonfire, and it burned it but it gives it character. My roommate gave it to me freshman year, so it was free; I love free clothes.

What is your typical outfit like?

Usually short boots, either slim-fitting pants or boyfriend jeans, there’s no in between. And I like to layer something usually with a hood, then over top a flannel or button down with something underneath and a necklace.

Where is your favorite place to shop?

Probably Goodwill.

What your best piece of style advice?

To be yourself. Express yourself through your clothing because it’s fun and it’s unique. Be you, it’s super cliché.

Thanks. Keep up the great layering, Caroline!

Kaley Roshitsh

Virginia Tech '18

After graduating with a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and Design from Virginia Tech in 2018, Kaley moved to NYC to start her career with WWD – the authority on the fashion, beauty and retail industries. She is credited with the relaunch of Her Campus at Virginia Tech in 2016, serving as Campus Correspondent for 2 years, building the team to 55+ members while earning multiple Pink chapter level statuses (top-20% of over 330 chapters) and being awarded "Outstanding Organization of the Year" in 2018 at Virginia Tech. Other notable achievements include the annual "Media Mixer" gala and buildout of many strategic content initiatives.
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