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It’s fall, usually the season where things change, where it’s out with the old and in with the new. It’s where those amazing summer flings stop, intentionally or not. 

Whether it was clean, cheating, or messy, break up’s hurt. The road to recovery seems long and draining but with this survival guide, you’ll be back to yourself in no time. 


This sounds easier said than done, but take this new time to find who you truly are. That relationship fused with your now-changing routine is emotionally draining. Allowing your body to find new hobbies and adjust helps the healing process.


Following the last step, look for some hobbies you can part take in, something to get your mind off of it. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • painting
  • writing
  • bracelet making
  • taking yourself on a date
  • spa day
  • shopping

Practically anything to crack a smile on your face. 


When I was recovering from my breakup, my friends are what held me together. Plan a day to go out or stay in. Friends are there to pick you up and remind you that you are loved. Try new things together, like hiking or traveling. You might find something you love or a story to bond over. 


My best personal tip is to travel somewhere new. While i was processing my breakup, I visited my old friends in a different city. Allowing yourself to re-connect with the people who knew you before the relationship is a heart warming experience. I had time to process and remember that I was happy before the relationship. So, go to a new cafe, city or country. The sky is the limit, and so is your wallet. 


Even if these things work or not, you took time for yourself. Breakups are hard regardless of the duration. What you felt were true feelings and devotion. Remember, you are beautiful and worthy of the love you give to the world. Take care of yourself, and keep your head up. 

Cheers to our healing era. 

Hafsa Ayubi

Virginia Tech '27

I am currently a first-year student at Virginia Tech, with intentions to pursue a double major in Political Science and Communications. I am originally from Northern Virginia and I have a strong connection to my ethnic heritage. I have consistently derived pleasure from the act of writing, as it serves as a means for expressing my emotions. As I embark on the creation of my second book, I derive great pleasure from the freedom to express my passion through writing. My interest has always revolved around writing, encompassing a wide range of topics from pop culture to providing advice on navigating through the challenges of a breakup. I hope my writing can inspire and help people get through life and laugh a bit!