The Art of Fash - Sprung

As we embark on the beginning of spring, simultaneously we embark on the transition of fashion. Fashions for the warm and sunny weather have officially sprung and I am here to share a few look suggestions and tips.


Like many beautiful art pieces, a simple piece can make a loud statement. Jumpsuits are the perfect example of such; jumpsuits are a clothing item that can be dressed up or down. Try reaching for spring-themed colors such as lavenders, pinks, yellows, greens, and blues. The suit speaks for itself and normally does not require many accessories. Simple accessories would be a perfect combo; items like wrist cuffs and rings add just enough without overshadowing the main piece.


Edgy and sexy! Spring does not always mean fairyland sweet. The warm weather brings out the bad-ass in all women, I’m sure! Blazers have been setting a huge trend in casual wear and a Deep-V blazer top allows women to achieve just the right amount of sexy. Colors like black or red add to the edginess and sex appeal while working perfectly for late night outings. Tops like the one pictured above work perfectly, paired alongside an ankle pant. Try combating the darkness of the top with a light washed jeans, and if you’re looking to add more edge, try distressed or frayed jeans. A look like this isn’t to be paired with flats, unfortunately; to really add that final touch, add in some of your favorite neutral color heels.


Sweet & simple. Not every look has to be over the top; some looks should be relaxed and casual. Crop tops are the one item that almost every girl has in her closet, but how do we spice it up? Ditch the solid color crop top and the basic blue skinny jeans for a patterned crop top or even a patterned or stylish shirt and pair it with an overall style dress. This mash-up can give you just the right amount of extra without looking as though you’ve tried too hard. This look opens up multiple shoe opportunities and can be paired with flats, sneakers or sandals (heeled/under-heeled). Accessories for this look can be a watch and a small or medium pair of stud earrings.


We all understand how hard it is sometimes trying to keep a fashionable wardrobe and “serve looks”, but there are definitely ways to make it easier on yourself. The art of fashion means being resourceful just as true artists are with brushes, paints, and materials for artwork. Be resourceful with where you shop and don’t be afraid to try brands that aren’t your normal because you may find magic outside of your usual. Great fashion finds come from sites such as,,,, and The listed sites are places one can go to make fashion easy and daring.


Additionally, study the trends. Social media networks - especially Instagram, can serve as a major aid for finding style inspiration, as well as serving as a good space to identify trends. Another tool can be watching YouTube videos of clothing hauls and OOTW (outfits of the week) videos from different YouTubers to see which styles you identify with. Lastly, try using apps such as “Stylebook”. This app allows you to construct potential outfit ideas, allowing you to visualize representation.


Following these tips and look suggestions can bring much promise in having a fashion-forward spring. Be sure to add your own little twist on any style make sure to wear it proudly. Much like an artist, your style is your unique designs; your masterpieces - wear them with all the confidence in the world, Queen.


"I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet." - Carrie Bradshaw



Images courtesy of the author