7 Sunglasses Trends to Try This Summer

Sunglasses are my must-have accessories for the summer. Aside from being practical, sunglasses are such an easy way to add interest to any basic outfit. They come in endless shapes and styles, which makes it easy to have a pair for every occasion! While I love my classic aviator-style sunglasses, I always like to grab a couple fun and trendy pairs. I observed the sunglass styles that my favorite celebs have been wearing recently for some inspiration and curated a list of the hottest trends! For each pair, I’ve found a more wallet-friendly alternative that will give you the same look for less. Keep reading for some serious sunglass inspo for the summer!

1. Mirrored


I love everything about this outfit Jamie Chung wore to Coachella last month. Her mirrored sunnies added a touch of edge to her otherwise girly outfit. Mirrored lenses are such a fun way to upgrade your favorite style of sunglasses. I found these cool green-tinted mirrored sunglasses from Forever 21. They’d look killer with any outfit!

2. Tinted

Tinted sunglasses are back for good! I’ve seen so many celebs sporting sunglasses with the vintage orange/yellow/pink tint recently. I’m not certain of the practicality of these, but they definitely make a statement! Sofia Richie’s outfit pictured above was seriously made to be worn with tinted shades. Check out Windsor Store for plenty of sunglasses that will make you feel like it's the 70s and 90s again.

3. Oversized Round


Kat Graham is absolutely rocking these oversized, round sunglasses at Coachella. From her off-the-shoulder top to her gladiator sandals, this boho outfit goes perfectly with her giant shades. These sunglasses are a must-have if you love relaxed and flowy styles for the summer. Check out this pair from Forever 21 to get this stylish look.

4. Cat Eye


Cat-eye sunglasses are back again, but this time with a twist — mirrored lenses! Leave it to Emma Roberts to effortlessly pull off these oversized shades. Cat-eye sunglasses give attitude to any outfit, especially when they have metallic detailing. These shades from Lulu’s look almost identical to Emma’s and are the perfect accessory for an all-black outfit.

5. Pop of Color

We’ve seen colored lenses, now it’s time for some colored frames! I’ve been seeing so many variations of this style of sunglasses. This is such an easy and flirty way to add a subtle pop of color to any outfit! I love how Olivia Munn completely upgraded her look with the addition of some colored shades. You can get a similar look with these cute shades from Lulu’s with a light pink frame!

6. Oval

90s-inspired oval sunglasses are making a huge comeback and I can’t get over it. I’ve seen some pairs with thicker plastic frames, but I personally love the thinner wire frame style. Kendall Jenner styled a pair with a middle part, red lip, white adidas crop top and leggings. I absolutely love the retro vibes of her outfit. If you’re feeling inspired, here are some oval shades from Urban Outfitters.

7. White Frames


I couldn’t help but include Emma Roberts in this list again; her taste in sunglasses is fantastic. I am obsessed with this look from Coachella. Her white sunglasses go perfectly with the cute summer dress she’s wearing. White sunglasses can be a little intimidating (they remind me of a pair of white bedazzled sunglasses from Claire’s I wore 24/7 in middle school), but when styled correctly, they can look so cool! My biggest tip is to look for more modern frame styles to balance out the color, like this pair from Francesca’s.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to go out and grab some fun shades for the summer! It really is the easiest way to instantly make any outfit more stylish.


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