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5 Inexpensive Places to find the Perfect Easter Dress

With spring break now over, we are entering the last few weeks of the semester, which are filled with warm weather, less motivation for school work and the hunt for new spring outfits. Easter is hopping over a little early this year, and if you’re celebrating this fun-filled holiday, chances are you’re searching for a cute Easter dress. Easter dresses can be a little difficult to shop for, as you’re trying to find something that is appropriate for church, adaptable to any family functions involving small children (like egg hunts) and of course something with cute style. While I searched for my own selection, I thought I would document some of the best places to find an inexpensive pick that attempts to meet all of these qualifications.

  1. Old Navy

A classic choice, and they always offer a reasonable price. Sometimes I get a little bored of their style selections, but other times I strike gold with something both cute and cheap. Check out Old Navy dresses for a cute, wholesome look such as this one. (Only $22!)

Image from: oldnavy.gap.com

2. Target

Honestly, I can’t make a clothing list and not include Target. It’s my favorite place ever and I probably spend most of my paycheck there. They have an extremely large collection of dresses, and at a fairly reasonable price as well. This is my favorite pick from their website, but there are plenty more to check out! (This one is $26)

Image from: target.com

3. Asos.com

This website is one of my friend’s favorite places to shop, and if you haven’t checked it out before you will quickly realize why. On top of having a wide selection and varying prices and styles, they also have clothing specifically marked to fit, such as petite, tall, plus size, curvy, or even maternity selections. This dress is one of my favorite picks from the site, and it’s only $28.

Image from: asos.com

4. Kohl’s

Obviously, Kohl’s can be a little more expensive than some of the other places I’ve listed. However, they have some decent sale prices on their website, and conveniently they also have an “Easter dress” category. I found this potential Easter dress for $32, which isn’t bad for Kohl’s.

Image from: kohls.com

5. American Eagle

American Eagle can be hit or miss with their prices, but be sure to check out their dresses on clearance on the website! They have plenty of floral prints, which are perfect for spring and Easter, such as this selection of mine for $29.97.

Image from: ae.com

There are plenty of other places both online and in-store where you can find the perfect dress for your Easter celebrations, but just remember to start looking soon!

Rep Image: Pexels.com 

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