5 DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is coming! Sometimes it can be hard to put yourself in the Christmas mood when you are stressed about finals. The best way to cure this case of The Grinch is to add some holiday cheer to your living space! Whether you are looking to decorate your dorm room, apartment, or bedroom at home, here are some of the easiest ways to DIY decorations that are sure to put you in the holiday spirit.


  1. Giant Colorful Ornaments

These ornaments are super easy to make, they just require some spray paint and Styrofoam balls! These make awesome photo props and easy decoration.


2. Fleece Christmas Trees

These felt Christmas trees are the perfect centerpiece for any table. Instructions can be found here, and even include shortcuts to make the project super easy.


3. Ornament Wall

This is a great idea for a photo backdrop but also a way to add some holiday cheer to an empty wall. The wooden ornament cutouts can be purchased online or replicated by cutting the shape out of cardboard and covering it with trendy wrapping paper.


4. Christmas Light Garland


This is one of the easiest ways to decorate your dorm room or bedroom at home. All it takes is some colored cardstock or construction paper, twine or ribbon, and some black tape.


5. Bell Frames


These pictures frames will literally add some jingle to your day. This project requires nothing more than a wooden picture frame (can be found for $1 from Michaels), a hot glue gun, and some bells from your nearest craft store.


Walking into a decorated home is one of the best ways to spread Christmas cheer to all who enter, including yourself! So pull out some paint and a glue gun, get yourself some hot chocolate, put on your favorite Christmas movie, and craft away.


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