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When I first came to Tech I was a wide-eyed freshman. I had no idea who I was, who I wanted to be, or where I fit in on campus. I had a really difficult transition finding where I belonged among the other 6,000+ people in my class. I wouldn’t consider myself a shy person, but it was definitely daunting trying to join new clubs where everyone already knew everyone else. I was terrified that I would never find the right group of friends, but that all changed when I found Her Campus.


1. Find a Home

 Her Campus is easily the most impactful organization I’ve joined in college. All the other girls accepted me from day one and made sure that I felt welcome. I’ll never forget my very first meeting when we went around and did ice breakers. People were interested in me and everything I had to say. I felt heard and validated, which had never happened before. I finally felt like I had found my home at Virginia Tech. The women of HCVT are the most empowering, strong, and beautiful inside and out. The group literally radiates happiness and fun. I thought that I had just found the perfect home for me, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.


2. Make AMAZING friends

 I said it once and I’ll say it again, the girls in HCVT are the most amazing people ever. They will smile with you and cry with you. They will celebrate your success and pick you up when you fall. They offer the best advice and will never cease to make you laugh. Empowered women empower women, it’s as simple as that. I love these girls like they are my sisters. From day one they made me feel like a valuable member of the group and they accepted me with their whole hearts. I’ve met my best friends here and become even closer to girls that I knew previously. These are the types of friendships that remind me of the ones my mom told me about from her college days. I know that these girls are going to be my lifelong friends.  

Image Courtesy of Ashley Son

3. Build your resumé

 As if you need another reason to join Her Campus! When I first joined I just wanted to make some friends, but this club is so much more than that. You can network, channel your inner creativity, and make a difference on campus. There are so many options for growth- street team, writers, editors, and social media all of which can and should be listed on resumés. I recently attended a career fair and the recruiter I was talking to was a member of Her Campus when she was in undergrad. It was an amazing talking point for us and really broke the ice. 


4. Self-growth and confidence

 The Her Campus atmosphere fosters incredible growth. I’ve been able to develop my personal style and confidence in that style as a writer. I have matured as a person and fine-tuned my interpersonal skills. I have gained a lot of confidence in the way I carry and present myself. I am proud of the person I have become. Her Campus celebrates all of our differences. Every girl here will accept you wholeheartedly just the way you are. I felt lost before I joined, and now I plug this group every time I can. My insecurities have turned into strength and my fears have turned in to confidence. You will never meet a more supportive group of gals.


College is always kind of nerve-wracking, but having a fantastic group of girls to fall back on is just what I needed. I definitely found my place on campus and everything else is just making me love it even more. Her Campus is such an amazing organization. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be a part of something like this. 

Ashley Son

Virginia Tech '21

A little bit about me: a senior at Virginia Tech studying Business Information Technology who enjoys watching sunsets, driving with the windows down, having the best laughs with friends, and writing for Her Campus :)
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