3 Must-Listen Podcasts to Listen to While Traveling

Spring break is coming up, and no matter what, that means travel! Whether traveling home, or to a destination with friends or family, you will spend some amount of time in transit. What will you do to pass the time? I personally love finding new podcasts to listen to and explore. Podcasts are wonderful ways to learn about something new, work on self-improvement, or just entertain yourself! Here are three podcasts that I think are a must-listen for every long trip! These can all be found on Spotify and other podcast platforms.



1. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness (Jonathan Van Ness)

This podcast is an absolute favorite of mine. Notice anything familiar? Jonathan Van Ness stars hit the hit Netflix show, “Queer Eye”, as well. This podcast ties in very closely with its name; it is a place where Van Ness gets curious and learns about things he is unfamiliar with while bringing along listeners for these conversations. Given that he is a well-known public figure, Van Ness is able to call upon his very own network of experts to answer questions and address topics such as internet security, menstrual cups, politics, and more.  The topics are always fresh and interesting, and there is a lot to be learned from this podcast. One of my favorite parts is that Jonathan Van Ness himself realizes that he is no expert, so the series consists of him asking detailed and honest questions that any average person would ask some of the experts he calls in. Experts on the show include professors, doctors, comedians, and more.


2. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations (Oprah Winfrey)

As basic as this choice may seem, know that Oprah has lots of wisdom for us and is an absolute queen. This podcast explores deeper conversations with well-known celebrities, authors, and other friends of Oprah. According to the podcast description, these conversations are meant to help you “connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you”. The description is no lie. Oprah explores topics such as shame, grief, resilience, and more with conversation partners who make these topics accessible and comfortable. This podcast is feel-good but in a more empowering and vulnerable way. Many of those who are guests on this show have overcome great obstacles and appear on the show as a way to share their takeaways with others. Get ready to learn more about yourself from this one.


3. How I Built This with Guy Raz (NPR)

This podcast is downright inspiring and gives you lots of great stories to listen to. This show gives a behind-the-scenes look at some of the world’s most impressive companies. From Drybar to Spanx, and from Patagonia to Zappos, leaders from around the world sit down to tell the stories of how their organizations came to be. Many companies and brands that we interact with on a daily basis have their stories told on this podcast, including Lyft, AOL, Kickstarter, and Airbnb. These stories are great to learn about business development and entrepreneurship or to just hear some cool ideas from cool people. My favorite episodes are the one on Instagram’s founding and the start of VICE online.



No matter what podcast you choose to listen to, you can expect to be entertained and have something to talk about on a long trip or afterward when you arrive. Podcasts are becoming a growing industry of content creation where almost anyone can begin a series. These three have been my go-to’s for some time, and the best news is that new episodes are always being released. Happy listening and happy travels!


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