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Looking for more ways to get involved this semester? Whether it’s trying a new activity, getting involved in a cause, or just wanting to meet new people, Virginia Tech has hundreds of interesting clubs on campus you can join. All are listed on GobblerConnect, but here are 12 of the most unique clubs that Virginia Tech has to offer. All descriptions are pulled from the GobblerConnect database, and each listing has either their Instagram, Facebook or primary email linked for more information.

Amateur radio association

According to the Amateur Radio Association, “The Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Association is a student-run organization dedicated to advancing the amateur radio hobby in the Virginia Tech community. VTARA provides field communications, emergency communications, education, and volunteer testing services to the local community. The principle members of VTARA are current students at Virginia Tech. An undergraduate serves as the President, with any current student performing the offices of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Maintenance Officer. Because VTARA is a student organization at Virginia Tech, the rights and privileges of its members are largely determined by their student, faculty, and staff status at Virginia Tech.”

american sign language club

The American Sign Language Club is “a group of like-minded people excited to learn and spread awareness about ASL and Deaf culture. We host and participate in a variety of events including ASL and Deaf culture lessons, practice meet-ups, and volunteer opportunities within the community to help bring ASL into southern Virginia. We are a community of friends with a passion for learning ASL. All are welcome to come out and join us anytime throughout the semester regardless of skill level.”

Since Virginia Tech doesn’t offer a sign language class, this is a great way for anyone interested in ASL to start learning and get more involved in the community.

bachelor nation at virginia tech

Bachelor Nation at Virginia Tech “brings together Bachelor fans across the campus for watch parties as the show airs. We hope to plan fun events during the off season of the Bachelor as well! We are a brand new organization, and will be sending out information soon!”

This club is perfect for those looking to join a large watch party to keep up with all the latest from Bachelor Nation.

bob ross club

The Bob Ross Club is “dedicated to opening a platform for all Virginia Tech students to come together under the shared love of Bob Ross to create beautiful paintings. Paint Night Event admission fees will be used for donations to a multitude of charities such as the Alzheimer’s Association and Lymphoma Research Foundation as well as club materials. No painting experience is required to be a part of our club! Bob Ross Club hosts Painting Nights where we paint along with an episode of Bob Ross’ show ‘The Joy of Painting’! Registration is required for Painting Nights and admission costs are $15 and cover paint, brushes, and a canvas to create your artwork. We also host virtual events like Quiplash and Trivia Nights!”

For anyone that loves the relaxation that comes with watching Bob Ross videos, this is the club for you.

chocolate milk monday club

According to the Chocolate Milk Monday Club, their “meetings are a great chance to simply relax, play games and make a lot of new friends. Membership is as easy as joining us for as many Monday meetings as you can! Additionally, we host weekly social events. They vary, but in the past, we’ve done all kinds of events such as tubing, haunted house trips, hiking, laser tag, movie nights, zoo trips, mini-golfing, and much, much more. The circumstances of COVID-19 dictate what we will be able to do in-person from week to week, but we are trying to get out and do events safely as much as we can.”

Looking for a club that’s low commitment but lots of fun? You’ve found it! This club is simply for anyone that wants to have a good time and meet new people, definitely recommend.

drone racing club

Drone Racing Club was “started in 2016 by two guys and a dream, the Drone Racing Team at Virginia Tech strives to expose interested students to the freedom and excitement of the sky through FPV drone platforms. The team holds optional, but encouraged, practices once every week and represents VT annually on a national scale for collegiate drone racing. We cater to every pilot exploring FPV drones, so any level of commitment is welcome! You do not need to own a drone to join the team.”

If you have a drone that’s collecting dust under your dorm room bed, definitely check these guys out.

glossolalia: the literary festival at virginia tech

In their own words, Glossolalia is “an organization that acknowledges written creativity among all disciplines. The organization works to plan an annual literary festival every spring, in which students are chosen to read their work alongside published authors. The festival is a collaborative effort of students who are passionate to unearth and showcase the talent of writers in the community. Our mission is to empower becoming writers at Virginia Tech. Members of Glossolalia plan and host on and off-campus open mics and writing workshops in order to promote our spring festival. Additionally, we encourage all students to submit their work for a chance to showcase their talent in a safe place.”

Looking for ways to showcase your writing as well as get to know other writers, join this club and participate in their literary festival.

international food exploration club

International Food Exploration Club is an “organization dedicated to exploring the flavors, ingredients, cooking styles, and food in general of the world, whether our majors show that or not. Come join us to try new flavors and open up to a world of possibilities and new ideas. Try new foods from around the world, introduce others to new cuisines, and learn how to cook with your fellow foodies. Meetings will be held from 2 – 3 PM on the second and fourth Saturday of each month not including breaks. To become a full member, you must fill out a short questionnaire. There is also bi-yearly dues of $30 to help pay for food costs and other club activities.”

If dining hall food just isn’t cutting it for you anymore, this club might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

quidditch club

Quidditch is “a combination of rugby, handball, and dodgeball. We travel around the state and country playing matches and tournaments against other college teams. We meet new people, visit new places, and foster new friendships, all while participating in the nation’s fastest growing college sport. For this semester, we will be focusing on teaching new students the sport of quidditch, and safely holding social activities to get acquainted! Athletic activities will follow USQ (US Quidditch) guidelines.”

Harry Potter fans, your dream can be a reality.

scuba club

According to The Scuba Club at Virginia Tech, the club “promotes scuba diving and dive safety through classes, trips, training, and meetings throughout the school year.  Looking to get certified?  Sign up for one of our classes!  Want to go diving in the area, or go on a trip to somewhere warm and tropical? Check out our website to learn more about all we have to offer as well as sign-up for membership, classes and trips!”

Scuba club will help you with everything from getting certified to taking trips to the best scuba locations. If you miss being in the water, this is the club for you.

The veg club

The Veg Club is for those “with a passion for the plant-based, vegan diet and sustainable eating who are living in the Blacksburg area. We hold potlucks, host guest speakers, go on active adventures, & are the active voice for the veg community at Virginia Tech. Research shows that our diet has a tremendous impact on our carbon footprint, saves the lives of many animals, and improves our health. The Veg Club serves as an organization to help those transition to a plant-based diet, gain a sense of community here in Blacksburg, and learn more about plant-based options on campus!”

Vegans and vegetarians looking for like minded people and incredible food, look no further.

we suck at art club

The We Suck at Art Club describes themselves as a “no pressure art club designed for people of all skill levels to join.  We focus on stress-relief and creative outlet through unique mediums, such as sidewalk chalk, photography, drawing, and coloring. Members are encouraged to introduce new forms of art to the club and create something they are proud of every week. It is not required to come to every meeting, but it is encouraged to be an active participant within the group.”

One of my personal favorites, this club is all about having a good time. It’s a great way to destress from the weight of classes. They have all sorts of different projects throughout the semester, so stay tuned.

There are hundreds of other clubs on campus to join, ranging from sports to Greek life to Squirrel Watching Club. Find the complete list on GobblerConnect, and be sure and check the organization’s Instagram or website for accurate information on when meetings are being held for the upcoming semester.

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