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Breaking Down VT’s Career and Professional Development Services

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Last month, I was in a senior-year appointment with one of my advisors when she told me that the number one piece of advice she has for her students is to make an appointment with Career and Professional Development before they graduate, even if they already have a job or plan lined up.

Career and Professional Development is a collection of resources designed to assist undergraduate and graduate VT students alike. If your time at VT is coming to a close or you’ve already graduated, they offer many of their services for two years post-graduation. Plus, it’s free! From discovering what you want to do with your life to applying for jobs and graduate studies, there’s likely a service provided that you would benefit from while at VT.

Online Resources.

Career and Professional Development’s website features a host of pamphlets and videos to assist you in whatever you’re searching for, whether it be interview advice, resume, and cover letter guides, or professional experience. For instance, What Can I Do With This Major is a useful site for exploring career options in your field of interest, offered for free through VT. CandidCareer is a similar program in which students can access a collection of short videos in which people discuss their job experiences in a number of disciplines. CareerSpots offers advice on job searching and beginning your career. Interview Prep allows users to conduct mock interviews that they can record and reference for improvement. Workshops are also available regularly, and past workshops are sometimes recorded and posted on their website for reference. They also offer guidance based on unique identities, such as first-generation, international, disabled, or queer students.


For more personalized, in-depth assistance, you can schedule an advising appointment. Career and Professional Development appointments are very flexible to accommodate your needs. They offer quick, 15-minute appointments with a peer advisor or longer appointments with a staff member. These can be in-person, on Zoom, or even on the phone, and staff meetings are available any time of the year, including through summer. Advising topics include major and career exploration, experience and job seeking, skills development, and interview practice. I even know of someone who made an appointment to ask about the professionality of their hair.

Academic and Career Fairs.

It’s likely you’ve gotten an email or seen a sign on campus promoting an academic or career fair. These are hosted regularly by Career and Professional Development and may be in-person or online. A selection of majors, schools, or companies, depending on the fair type, provide information and representatives for VT students to engage with. Even if you’re not actively looking to apply somewhere, these may still be beneficial for developing an idea of what may interest you in the future and putting some new ideas on your radar you may not have considered before.

Professional Clothing.

Career Outfitters is a service within the Smith Career Center (located near Schiffert) in which students can make an appointment to find free professional clothing with the assistance of a staff member. Hundreds of clothing items in a variety of sizes are available for students to browse, try on, and take home. Students are offered one free outfit per academic year. You can also donate to the clothing collection.

Professional Photos.

Iris Professional Photo Booth is a new resource for students, added in Fall 2022. Students can make an appointment to use a private, self-service photo booth to take a professional portrait for a job profile or similar purpose. Three pictures are taken in a session, which can be retaken or edited as needed, and these photos are immediately sent to your VT email account for easy use when you are done. Overall, the process takes less than 10 minutes.

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Hannah Bettis / Her Campus

Most of these services are either in the form of self-guided, online resources or short appointments, yet they could be transformative for your current and future confidence and success. Since they are free for your disposal, I suggest you explore the options they have available and take advantage of what you can to become the best professional you can be.

Lizzie Carlson

Virginia Tech '23

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