10 Dogs in Halloween Costumes

October is one of the best months. With pumpkin carving, candy corn, dipping caramel apples, bonfires, haunted hay rides and Halloween movies, what more could you possibly need? You need to see dogs in Halloween costumes. Here are some of the best dog Halloween costumes to make your day better, and put you in the Halloween mood.


1. Chick-Fil-A Cow This is a genius costume that everyone recognizes immediately. Cows and dogs are both adorable so you can’t go wrong with a dog dressed as a cow.


2. Race Horse and Jockey

If you tell your neighbor their dog looks like a horse don’t be surprised when this duo shows up at your doorstep on Halloween.


3. Cruella De Vil and One of Her Dalmatians

This girl seems to be in her absolute element, and that is the power of wigs and dogs in costumes.


4. Gnome

Easily the cutest gnome to ever exist.


5.Garth Algar


Wayne’s World fans will respect how great this costume is.


6. Ghost

One can never go wrong with the classic ghost costume, it’s tradition.


7. Beauty and the Beast

Now that is the most loyal prince a girl can find.


8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What a great and powerful costume to make a dog feel like the superhero he is. And the dogs look so happy wearing it! Except Donatello.


9. The Headless Horseman

One can only imagine the comic scene of this dog running around in costume.


10. Lion

These good boys are all ready for their first trick-or-treating adventure!

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