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Wells Fargo Ad Angers Arts Community

In an effort to promote their Teen Financial Education Day on September 17th, Wells Fargo bank has directly insulted the arts community with their new ad pictured below:

The ad states, “A ballerina yesterday. An engineer today. An actor yesterday. A botanist today. Let’s get them ready for tomorrow.”

This sends out a harsh message that those practicing the arts should quit their lowly “hobbies” and get a “real” career.

On Saturday, September 3rd, Wells Fargo tweeted an apology for the offesnive advertising:

Was this apology stating the large sum of money they have donated to arts, culture, and education enough?

Most professionals in the arts community did not think so. Artists, musicians, and dancers who believe that their love for the arts is not just a hobby or talent, but a true profession, remain upset. Their main concern is that the ad will steer aspiring artists away from careers in the arts. 

Without musicians, we would not have the beautiful lyrics that speak to our soul. Without artists, we would not have thriving museums. Without fashion designers, we would not have our favorite clothing stores. Without dancers, we would not be able to visualize stories through music. Without actors and actresses, we would not have the TV shows that we love to binge watch. Moral of the story: the arts community is essential to our culture and should not be belittled! 

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