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Villanova Restaurants — Wreck Or Rec

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Villanova chapter.

Xolos – Rec 

Honestly, Xolos is iconic. You should go, especially for a birthday or celebration. Bring good friends and expect a lively ambiance. It’s a little pricey and the food is decent (it tastes better after you’ve had a margherita). Xolos will forever be a Villanova staple, and I like the reliability of the place. The drinks are tasty, the food is realistically a 6/10, and the service is above standards. No one ever regrets going! 

El Limon – Wreck 

Look guys, I know it’s cheap, but there are still better ways to spend your money. The best part about El Limon is that it’s BYOB. The chips are meh, the portions are on the small side, and the food is underwhelming. I would rank the food a 3/10. I seriously recommend trying another place for Mexican food – there are plenty in the area! Try El Limon if you are looking for something cheap and quick. I wouldn’t recommend this place for special occasions.  

Pho Street – Rec 

Pho Street is always there to give you a heartwarming, reliable, tasty bowl of pho. I love it. When you compare it to other pho places, I think it ranks in the middle. However, Pho Street always does the trick. The service is fast, and it’s much less crowded than other restaurants in Lancaster. The warm broth hits especially hard in the winter months. Great for smaller parties who are looking to not spend a lot but want Asian food.  

Crust – Rec 

Crust is a BYOB Mediterranean restaurant serving wood-fired pizza. And with all honesty, I can say I love the pizza. I get the white pizza and it hits every time. I recommend making a reservation ahead of time because the restaurant is small. This is a great place to go with your girlfriends on the weekends. They are equipped to handle big parties as long as you make a reservation ahead of time. It’s also quite affordable. On that note, I really recommend sticking mainly to the pizza, just because the other dishes are more expensive with smaller portions. Please check this place out! 

Lola’s – Wreck 

Lola’s is good for pictures but the food is not worth the price you pay for it. A lot of Villanova gals love to go for brunch. Trust me, I love brunch. But the one time I went to Lola’s I can’t say I was impressed. They up charged me when I swapped out fries for a side salad and the service wasn’t particularly outstanding. This is accompanied by oftentimes long waits without a reservation, given the popularity of the restaurant. Try checking out somewhere else instead! 

DanDan – Rec x 100000 

I LOVE DANDAN. The atmosphere and restaurant itself are beautiful. And the food is great and priced fairly. It’s hard to find authentic Asian restaurants that haven’t been Americanized. DanDan is a hidden gem. Seriously, this food tastes so good. Plus, they still have fried rice and kung pao chicken for the gals who might not be as adventurous. Don’t be discouraged by unfamiliar menu items – they are worth it. My favorites are the soup dumplings, crystal glass noodles with minced pork, and the three-cup chicken. Enjoy! 

Rosa Mexicana – Rec (but maybe only once) 

I haven’t had a chance to go to Rosa Mexicana. Luckily, my grandmother has. She loved it. Rosa Mexicana is a chain that started in NYC. With the cutthroat restaurant environment of NYC, you know it has to be good. Their shining dish is the homemade guac, which is brought to you and then mashed tableside. It’s a bit pricey and be sure to make a reservation. But I think this is a fun place to check out with your friends, and definitely worth the trip.  

Vic’s Sushi – Wreck 

Vic’s sushi is decent and convenient. But if it wasn’t for its location, I wouldn’t think Vic’s is worth it. It’s a bit overpriced. Their regular rolls (your typical spicy tuna, California, salmon avocado type of rolls) aren’t great. But if you’re willing to spend a bit more, the ‘best friend’ special roll is delicious. So are their traditional sushi and sashimi. But at that point, I would just look for a better alternative. A friend recommended Veekoo to me. I think it’s worth a shot before spending your money at Vic’s. 

Tiffin – Mid – Rec 

It’s hard to find good Indian food. Tiffin will definitely fill your craving. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to say that it is delicious, high-quality Indian food. Their naan could be improved upon for sure. That being said, I don’t think this restaurant is that crowded on the weekends, and is decently priced. So, if you’re looking for Indian food, I still would recommend you travel there. 

Otto by Polpo – Wreck  

Ok. I know this is a contested ranking. But Otto by Polpo is overrated. It tastes great. But to be charging the prices that they are charging, I do not think it’s worth it. Please don’t go here for someone’s birthday. It will just lead to the bill being put on the table and lots of uncomfortable eyes reading that number. No one wants to put it on their card. Instead, go with a smaller group or on a date. That being said, I got the pasta carbonara and enjoyed it. However, it was a bit greasy and a smaller portion. Try LaScala’s (if you can get a seat!) instead.  

McDonald’s Bryn Mawr – Wreck x 1000 

Special shout out to the McDonald’s Bryn Mawr because simply put, it is the worst McDonald’s I’ve ever been to. Almost to a comical extent. The service is beyond terrible and the food is below average. Ask anyone. I’m not being dramatic. The reason I bring this up is that if late-night munchies are calling your name, please choose Wawa. Thank me later! 

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