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Think Spring Break at Home is Boring? Think Again!

While you are watching some of your friends post on social media their incredible vacation to an exotic island, you are thinking about how boring your spring break is at home. While sitting on the coach, you begin to think negatively. None of my friends have the same break as me! My town is so boring! There is nothing to do!

Have no fear because not everyone gets to go to a warm spot for spring break. There are plenty of fun things to do over break when you are home! Here are five advantages of staying home for spring break:

1. Family time!

Your siblings will be so excited when they see you walk in the door at the start of spring break. Having not seen your brother(s) and/or sister(s) in a couple months will definitely bring you all together. They will be even more excited if you plan to do things with them, be the best big sister and take them out for ice cream! And don’t forget one of the most important members of the family… your pet! We all love spending time with time with our furry siblings too. 

2. Shopping spree! 

Sure beaches are relaxing and warm, but who doesn’t love a good shopping spree at your favorite mall? Summer is quickly approaching, and you definitely need to add new pieces to your wardrobe. You can take all the time you want and hit up your favorite stores because you’re not pressed for time! 

3. Comfort foods!

While at home on spring break you get the delicious home-cooked meals you’ve been craving all semester, and you also get to go back to all of your favorite food spots around town! If you are feeling adventurous, you can go to that new Thai place you’ve been meaning to try!

4. Get ahead of the game!

While all of your friends will be scrambling for a summer job at the last minute, you will already be ahead of the game! You’ll have time to write a resume, look for a job or internship that interests you, and send in your application! You’ll thank yourself later when you have one less thing to worry about in May. 

5. No sunburn!

Of course vacationing in tropical weather is amazing, but no one likes to come back to school with a terrible sunburn! You will not have to deal with the pain and itchiness that comes with being sunburnt when you get back to school. Peeling? No, thank you. 

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