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If There’s Any Influencer Out There Who’s Gotten It Right, It’s Victoria Paris

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Villanova chapter.

Since 2020, Paris has been uploading videos on TikTok and now has over 1.6 million followers on the platform. What makes her stand out in comparison to other online figures is the honesty and authenticity of her videos. 

Paris is known for her variety in the type of content she posts. Her page includes posts showing how she styles an article of clothing, the process behind how she designs her home space, relationship advice, and lighthearted rants and storytimes. Her followers enjoy her range of videos—many of which are so authentic that it feels like you’re on a FaceTime call with a friend.  

One of the most notable types of videos she makes is documenting any type of cosmetic work she gets done. She’s shown her following the places where she gets her eyebrows and lashes done and also took us along the entire journey of her chin liposuction last year. Many other influencers aren’t as open about the modification of their bodies, or at least like to gatekeep the products and facilities they use from users. Paris’ openness with her followers is actively breaking down toxic beauty standards and expectations that other public figures tend to reinforce.  

She is also known for leading the trend of “soft-launching” your relationship on social media. When dating her now ex-girlfriend, Paris kept her identity hidden, but would still post the two of them together online. She often called this way of posting her relationship “private, but not secret.” She maintained this privacy by covering her girlfriend’s face in photos and not revealing her name. People admired Paris’s choice of respecting her partner’s privacy, with some even taking after her. In a world where social media can add unnecessary drama to romantic relationships, keeping a level of privacy reinforced the idea to her followers that influencers are still just like us and have their own personal lives. 

Paris is honest, hilarious, and undoubtedly fashionable. Her willingness to own up to mistakes, the ridiculous outfits she has worn in the past, and the decisions she has made throughout her life are just more reasons as to why so many people love her. For a lot of her followers, she’s the big sister or role model they never had.  

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Caroline Colgan

Villanova '24

Caroline is a junior at Villanova double majoring in art history and communications from Chicago, IL. She loves art, traveling, and working out. After college, she hopes to have a career in the art business field or in public relations.