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Getting Along With Your New Roomie

You’ve probably seen or heard about the 2010 horror flick “The Roommate,” where an obsessive college student terrorizes the life of her new roommate. From dying her own hair so that she could resemble her roommate, to murdering her roommate’s pet kitten, this girl is seriously psycho.
But we’ve got news for you, ladies. Your first roommate experience will NOT be like a horror film! The truth is, some roommate experiences can actually result in life long friendships.

As a senior, I’ve been through my share of roommates and I’ve learned that the best way to maintain a solid relationship with your roommate is to remember one word: RESPECT. “All I’m askin’, Is for a little respect when you come home! Just a little bit!” Aretha said it best. Having respect for your new roommate will allow your relationship to flourish into a fabulous new friendship.

Here’s our take on Respect:
R- Rules
• After settling in to your humble abode, set some time apart to set up rules with your new roommate. Remember, these rules are supposed to help the school year go by smoothly. Whether it be as simple as who will wash the dishes, or who will take out the trash, these rules will go a long way. Nipping this in the bud as early as possible will help avoid tons of frustration in the future!

E- Effort
• Get to know your roommate! Find out what she likes, dislikes, and what she enjoys doing for fun. Ask her about her hometown and about her friends. If you make the effort to get to know one another, walls will slowly be broken down and you’ll be on the right track for an unbreakable friendship!

S- Schedule time for one another
• An easy way to make time for one another is to establish a roommate tradition. Who doesn’t love a good tradition? Try rewarding yourselves with manis and pedis after midterms are over. Set up a “Secret Santa” if you have more than one roommate. Go to the Pit with each other for Nacho Fridays. Little traditions like these will give you something to look forward to and will make you feel at home!

P- Play your Part
• Make sure you’re holding up your end of the roommate bargain. Keep your side of the room clean and do your fair share of chores. We all slip up on these tasks sometimes. If your roommate picks up your slack, don’t forget to say “Thank you”!

E- Evolve with one another
• College is a time for tremendous growth. You will probably experience new things like partying, boys, and heartbreak. You might not get the grades that you got in high school and you will lose some friends but gain some great ones. Always remember that your roommate is experiencing these things, too. Open up to one another and you will never have to feel lonely when you’re at your home away from home.

C- Consider and Compromise
• Go over your class schedules together and make it clear what nights it’ll be okay to have company over. Discuss your sleeping schedules and consider each other’s sleeping habits. A little compromise is necessary for the recipe to roommate bliss!

T-Tackle issues when they arise
• Don’t ignore little problems for the sake of avoiding confrontation! Little problems can become big problems very quickly if they are left unsettled. Be mindful when confronting one another and avoid accusatory phrases. Use phrases like “When you did this, it made me feel…” instead of “You always do this!” No matter how cliché the saying may be, communication is the key to a successful relationship!

Take a deep breath and remember that respect is essential to every roomie relationship. If all else fails, listen to a little Aretha Franklin and let loose! Do what you can to make your situation bearable and never burn a bridge. You never know if your old college roommate will be interviewing you for a job some day!

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