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9 Things You Should Thank Your Parents For

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Villanova chapter.

Our parents do so much for us, here is a small list of things to thank them for:

1. Bringing you into this world: Without our parents we would not be here today. Thank you for bringing us into this big, beautiful world!

2. Loving you unconditionally: No matter what happens in life, no matter what mistakes you make, or bad decisions you make- they will always love you!

3. Supporting you in everything you do: One of the most important lessons my parents taught me was to always dream big and that they would be standing right there next to me supporting me through every step of the way -no matter how big or outrageous the dream was.

4. Giving you everything you need & more: My parents have given me everything I needed & more in life. Thank you for sacrificing so that I could have.

5. Sending you to the best university in the nation: There are no words to explain how thankful I am to have the opportunity to go to such an amazing school like Villanova- thank you Mom & Dad!

6. Always knowing the right things to say & do: I know whenever I have a bad day or have an important decision to make, I can always call my parents on the phone & they will know what to do. Our parents know more than we think- listen & learn from them at every chance you get.

7. Being strict when they need to be: It pains me to say this, but thank you Mom & Dad for being strict. It has shaped me into the person I am & has helped me to make smart & safe decisions.

8. Teaching me the importance of faith: Another one of the most important lessons my parents have taught me throughout my life is the importance of faith and how it grounds you, humbles you, and teaches you. I will always carry my faith with me throughout my life because of what my parents have taught me.

9. Making sure you always stay humble & kind: Just as the Tim McGraw song states “Always stay humble & kind.” Before this song ever came out, my parents always taught me the importance of being kind to everyone around you, no matter who they are. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.