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The 10 Stages of A Darty

The warm weather is finally here and you know what that means! It’s darty season! Forget the dark, dirty frat house basements and get excited for the sunny, fresh air a day party provides! Get your favorite sundress on and get ready to party all day! Although day drinks are fun, they do have some low points. Here are the 10 stages of a darty.

1. You wake up on Saturday remembering the five tests, two papers, and one presentation you had last week and realize it’s time to let loose.

2. You question the idea of pregaming with your friends then remember there are drinks for the morning too!

3. You get all excited because you hear your favorite frat is hosting the darty! And even better, that cute boy you like will be there!

4. You realize your friend got mixed up and the party is actually at the weird frat, but you’re still going anyway!

5. You get to the day drink and have a blast with your friends!

6. You and your friends decide it’s time to head out, so you get a ride home and obviously order pizza on the way back to your dorm!

7. After you finish a whole pizza (by yourself), you knock out for the rest of the day.

8. You wake up the next morning slightly regretting all the partying of yesterday.

9. You get breakfast with your friends and recap the day.

10. You go back to your dorm and debate doing homework all day, but realize you’re just too tired.

As with all parties, remember to be careful and drink responsibly in order to make the most out of a darty!

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