Your Guide to the Cutest Planners

Summertime is over and in addition to part time jobs and internships, school responsibilities are back in full effect. Going back to school always seems fun at first, but it’s okay to feel overwhelmed once you’ve returned to the mix.

Between juggling school and work, take some time during your day to breathe and get organized. It will help you look at the day in a different perspective and form a new feeling of optimism and positivity.

The first step is getting yourself a planner! One of the worst feelings of all is the feeling of being unorganized. It sucks feeling like a helpless, mess that doesn’t know what’s going on in their own life. One thing that has helped me tremendously with that is a planner! I got mine on sale at Target, but I’ve seen some other cute planners online and on Instagram that I’ve always had my eye on:


1. Erin Condren’s LifePlanner 

This planner looks like it has a page for everything and I keep seeing it all over Instagram. You can customize it yourself to include everything you need.

2. Planner

This planner has so many unique stickers and artwork in it. I’ve seen my friend with one and she loves it. She also seems really organized because of it!

3. Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner

 This planner looks so clean and stylish. The edges even have gold on them. I see this one all over Instagram too.

4. LiIy Pulitzer’s Large Agenda

If you haven’t heard of this planner, you might’ve been hibernating under a rock. I’m not a big “Lily P” fan, but her planners are undeniably cute! This one also comes with stickers and stylish prints.

5. Try Target

I got a really cheap, on sale Trina Turk Planner at my local Target for ten bucks. It’s a pretty simple planner, but it has a place to write everything in from checklists to day-by-day pages.  You could also try Marshall’s, Ross or TJ Maxx for some discounted but cute planners too!  

Try out one of these planners and you might just feel more put together this fall! The most important part about buying a planner, however, is keeping up with it! Make sure you keep your planner up to date. Also, make sure you get one that you actually think is cute, that way you’re more likely to use it.

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