Your Go-To Style Guide For Fall 2019

It’s that time of the year again. Bring out your cozy sweaters, booties and start to plan out your ultimate fall season checklist. But what’s a good date to the pumpkin patch or vineyard without a good outfit to match the season? Make room in your closets and vanities, because this Fall 2019 Style Guide will give you some major inspiration for the upcoming season, and revisit some existing trends to see what’s here to stay and what came and went. 

This past spring, I wrote an article on fashion predictions for makeup looks during the spring/summer season and I thought that this would be a great time to bring those up and see my hits and misses!



  • Neon outfits really made their mark towards the end of the Spring season. I personally noticed them start to die off towards the middle of summer and although I was a fan, I’m happy I can go out again without having to see three people in the same neon green outfit. This trend came and went!

Glow from Within

  • This one is definitely here to stay (at least for another season!) I describe glow as moving away from the very harsh highlight trends we saw in the past, including chunky glitters and aggressive highlight flashback. This makeup trend has stayed strong and true, mainly because of the summer heat. But this trend has also stayed because of beauty brands releasing more and more “natural” foundations and BB creams created to show off your skin. As previously mentioned, don’t throw those highlighters away, simply try to create a “dewy” look to stay on-trend.

Gloss over Matte

  • Although we can all agree that lip gloss is the absolute trickiest things to wear on a windy day with your hair down, it’s become a staple item to carry around. All of my closest friends’ lip gloss collection has more than doubled. This trend is a little harder to predict for this upcoming season because we typically tend to revert back to matte lippies, but I would still recommend you keep one or two on hand!


  • This was a strong trend and something that will continue on into the fall/winter season. In terms of makeup, this could involve using the same color on the eyes, cheeks and mouth. Stylistically, a monochromatic outfit during the fall would be fairly easy to do. Example: consider matching your dress, coat and shoes. If you’ve seen any of the fashion shows, you’d know that sticking to colors would be more on-trend than the neutral styles we’ve seen in the past.


Now that we’ve covered some trends of the past season let’s consider what fall/winter 2019 has to bring us. Pantone, a highly recognized color matching system and color trend forecaster, has already released their color picks for the season. Here’s a blurb taken directly from their site.

“Colors for Autumn/Winter 2019-2020 range from easy and sophisticated to strikingly different and unique,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “This palette of versatile hues builds a sense of empowerment and confidence, enabling the wearer to choose the colors that best reflect his or her mood and persona.”


Some of the colors they have chosen for the season include the following:

The colors range from more comfortable colors of fall, like oranges, reds and a beautiful deep blue and green. These are sure to make an outfit pop. If we think back to the monochromatic trend that’s going strong this fall, it’s easy to see how any of these colors would be a great option for your outfit choice.

Tip: Justine Leconte, a french designer, sums up that the best way to tackle the monochromatic look is to focus on a more boxy silhouette rather than tight-fitting outfits. See more tips from her in her Youtube Video.


Asymmetrical Necklines

We’ve got a good amount of off-the-shoulder, bandeau and sleeveless styles for the past few seasons that have heavily impacted street-wear fashion. However, the latest trend is to mix things up a bit with some fun necklines. One sleeve tops, strappy blouses and one-sleeve shirts have made their way down from the runway to the everyday consumer and I personally love the style. Having one or two shirt options with this neckline is a quick and easy way to stay on trend without going too outside of your comfort zone. Here’s some inspiration:

Long Coats and Capes

If you’re anything like me, just the thought of being cold makes you start shivering. This means that outerwear is extremely important to me! I noticed the long coat trend crept up last year, but after doing some research, I’ve discovered that it is a strong trend for this upcoming season. Capes aren’t on everyone’s go-to list for outerwear, but they make a statement, so if you’re looking for something to take your outfit over the edge then this trend is for you. On the more traditional side, a long coat whether it be the classic trench or puff jacket will always be acceptable for the colder seasons, so try to play with some colors this year!


Animal Print

Animal print was seen on the fashion shows, streets and Instagrams of just about everyone for the past few weeks, but I’ve come up with my own prediction for the upcoming season. We saw a lot of smaller animal prints like snake and cheetah print in the past, but I think fall 2019 will start incorporating some bigger and more pronounced prints that we haven’t really seen before. Regardless, the animal print will always come and go, but it looks like it is staying for this fall season!


In terms of makeup for this upcoming season, the easiest answer would be to say that we will see a return of the full glam, full coverage and dramatic looks. From what I’ve seen both every day and on the runways, is that the glow from within trend is still here to stay. There’s a natural movement that started a few seasons ago and I believe it has started to become an iconic look for the past few years. This iconic look includes the “your skin but better,” a couple of coats of mascara, nude lippies or gloss and a touch of highlight. 

This fall season is going to be a bit more playful with clothing styles, but more toned down for makeup, so keep this in mind when styling your next outfit. I hope you revisit this list whenever you need a little inspiration for your perfect fall 2019 outfit!


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