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Your 10 Must Watch Scary Movie List for October

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

In need of a list of horror movies to binge watch with your friends or significant other this Halloween? Well, start popping the popcorn and gathering the blankets to hid your eyes; here are 10 scary movies to scream, shake and shout at for October! 

1. Silence of the Lambs

2. Wrong Turn (there are six of them in the series!)

3. Misery (made from the 1987 psychological horror novel by Stephen King)

4. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

5. Saw (all eight of them!) 

6. Gremlins

7. The Omen

8. Hush

9. Carrie

10. Lastly for comic relief, Scary Movie (all five)

Stephanie is a freshman writer for Her Campus at VCU. Amid her love for writing, she also enjoys volleyball, watching Jimmy Fallon and fashion shows, everything nature, and eating way too much pizza.
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