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Women’s Basketball Player, April McRae

What is your major?
My major is Criminal Justice with in focus in Forensic Crime Scene Investigations.

How has your first year on VCU’s woman basketball team been?  Tell me about the highlight of your year and your hardest obstacle.
I think that the transition from high school basketball to college basketball went pretty well. I got here over the summer so I wasn’t just thrown right into it. I get along with my teammates, so this made my season great. Some highlights of my season I would say I made the CAA All-Rookie Team, I get a lot of playing time as a freshman, and I started 9 games this year. The hardest obstacles I faced was not being around my family all the time.
Congratulations on making it to the Sweet 16! What do you feel has gotten you and your team this far?
Thank you! I think what got us this far was the drive and determination that we received from our seniors. Every time they stepped on the court they refused to lose attitude, and their leadership on the court was amazing! After seeing our seniors get hype, the rest of the team wants to play harder so our seniors can continue to play.

Describe your life as a student athlete compared to that of a regular student? Do you sometimes wish you were a regular student?
I think the biggest difference in being a student athlete is the extra time that you get. As a student athlete, you most likely will not have enough time for many activities during the day because practices can range from 1 hour to 3+ hours. Even though it might just be a couple hours, if you are are going full speed and high energy the whole time, by the end you will be too tired to even want to do anything. I also consider sleep and rest as apart of practice because it is necessary in order to perform at your upmost best. I sometimes am jealous when my non-athlete friends can do stuff that I cannot, but no I don’t wish I was a regular student.

Personally, what did you have to work on to better yourself on the team?
I personally have to work on finishing the easy shots I take in the game. I also have to work on becoming more of a leader to my team on and off of the court. Since I am a freshman, sometime it’s hard to try to set an example because your team looks at you as just a freshman, but I think when I acquire the right leadership techniques, I will be more effective and more efficient on the team!
What is your major?
My major is Criminal Justice with in focus in Forensic Crime Scene Investigations.
If you had the time, what other extracurricular activities would you participate in?
I would play softball and volleyball at Cary Street Gym a lot. Those are my other two favorite sports to play.
How do you deal with the pressures of being on the basketball team and being a full time student?
 I personally deal with it by one, communicating well with my teachers so I can build a very strong student-teacher relationship.  The second way I deal with it is by writing poems. I love writing poems because it takes my mind off of a lot.

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