Why You Should Join a Club at VCU

Being in college can be lonely, especially if you are far from home. It can be hard to find a group of people that you can relate to if you only attend classes and sit at home. Luckily, there are tons of organizations on campus that you can join and find community in. Whether you like sports, writing, studying the Bible or rock climbing, there is a community for you!

When I first came to VCU, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends. It was easy in high school because I grew up with those people and they had just always been there. I never really had to try to make new friends. But in college, I was faced with the daunting task of forming friendships from scratch. It was scary.

During the first couple weeks of school, VCU hosted a Student Organization Fair. This fair was a total lifesaver for me. All of VCU’s clubs lined the street with colorful banners and cheerful members. I shoved my way through the crowd and talked with tons of really nice people. There were so many options to close from and clubs that I had never even heard of. For the first time, I felt confident that I could find community and friendships at VCU.

I ended up only having time to join two clubs, Her Campus at VCU (whoop whoop!) and Cru. Writing for Her Campus at VCU has been a great way for me to practice my writing and to express myself and my feelings. I love the freedom that I have to share my ideas and write about whatever is on my mind. The second club that I joined was Cru. Cru is a Christian organization that hosts weekly meetings and Bible studies. I have had so many opportunities to travel and make friends with Cru. Cru has made my college experience 10 times better than I ever thought it would be.

My advice for anyone who is feeling lonely, without purpose or just looking for something new is to find a club that relates to your goals and interests. VCU offers 432 student organizations and 35 sports clubs. These include the debate team, Nerf Club, Relay for Life at VCU and swing dancing. If you are shy or uncomfortable attending a club meeting alone for the first time, try to find a classmate or peer to go with you. It can be intimidating trying out a new organization for the first time, but it is worth it, especially if the club is centered around something that you are passionate about. The best part is, you aren’t obligated to go back if you don’t like it! You can test out a few different clubs before committing to them if you want so that you know what different things VCU has to offer. VCU is hosting another Student Organization fair Jan. 24 from 11-2 in the Commons, and I encourage everyone to come check it out! It could change your whole college experience for the better!