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Why You Should Be Using an Online Birth Control Service

Do you hate waiting in line at the pharmacy to pick up your birth control? Has your prescription ever lapsed and you had to hassle with fitting a doctor’s appointment into your busy schedule? Has your pharmacy ever forgotten to fill your prescription or made a mistake, and it completely threw off your cycle?

Well, you’ll never have to deal with an inconvenience like that again because the future of birth control is here, and it’s life-changing. You can now get a valid prescription for affordable birth control online and have it shipped right to your front door! 

I used to get my birth control from my primary care physician in my hometown, but since I moved to Richmond, it was becoming a hassle to have to go back home for the annual visits required to renew my prescription. I didn’t want to fuss with finding a new doctor so I checked with Google to see what my options were, and that’s how I stumbled upon The Pill Club.

The process couldn’t have been simpler. I filled out a short online form detailing my medical history and uploaded pictures of my insurance card. From there, they asked me if I wanted to stick with the same type of birth control that I had been previously using. I did, so I selected the name of my pills from a list, but if you want to try something new or you’ve never been on birth control before, they make that process easy too. They’ll ask you a series of questions on what you want out of your birth control, and then an accredited doctor on their medical team will prescribe you the best option for your needs.

The Pill Club is available in all 50 states, and they offer over 100 different brands of the pill as well as NuvaRing, emergency contraceptive pills and female condoms. Refills are automatic, so you never have to worry about not having your birth control when you need it. They’ll ask you if you’d rather have your period or skip it, so if you’re like me and would rather not bleed once a month, you can pick the “skip” option and they’ll ship your next month’s supply early so you can take the pill continuously.

Shipping is free, and with my insurance I don’t even have to pay a copay! But even if you don’t have insurance, the service is still affordable, with some generic brands starting at $3.99. But my favorite thing about The Pill Club is the free goodies that come in my monthly package. In addition to the pills, the contents of the bright pink or blue envelope include a trial-sized self-care item, a cute sticker and a sweet treat. Throughout the summer I’ve been getting fruit-flavored candy, and when I signed up in the winter I got milk or dark chocolate every month!

I’ve received a number of different self-care items since I started using The Pill Club, and they’ve all been wonderful. I’ve gotten feminine products like environmentally friendly tampons and pads, and skin-care products like face masks and acne treatments (that actually worked!)

The Pill Club was founded in 2016 by Nick Chang, a Duke medical school graduate. “Dependable, seamless and discreet aren’t words typically associated with obtaining birth control and contraceptives,” says Chang. “Our driving force has always been to put power back into the hands of women.”

With the rising popularity of telemedicine, there are several other online birth control services on the market besides The Pill Club. Nurx, Lemonaid Health and PRJKT RUBY are a few examples. 

The internet helps us simplify most aspects of our lives, so why stop at reproductive health? Not to mention that at CVS, you have to buy your own candy.


All images by Noelle Abrahams

Noelle is a senior at VCU pursuing a B.I.S. with a minor in Media Studies. She knows this will be of great use to her when her lifelong dream of becoming a stand-up comedian is actualized. When she's not working at the animal shelter, or busy avoiding her schoolwork by doing yoga, you can find her attempting to sleep while her cats do everything in their power to prevent it.
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