Why You Need to Add a Facial Mist to Your Skincare Routine

I can’t seem to remember exactly when facial sprays rushed onto the market and began selling like crazy. On every occasion that I’ve seen them on the shelves of celebrities or racks of my favorite beauty stores, I’ve been slightly confused by their presence. Aren’t they just flower water in a spray bottle? I decided to do an investigation into the world of facial sprays and the results may just push you to steal your roommate’s Mario Badescu spray.

Incorporating facial mists to your beauty routine helps to hydrate and plump your skin. Winter is just around the corner and if you want to keep your face like a dewy summer goddess, you’re going to need to run to Ulta and pick up some. Mists are perfect for the summer season as well because of their cooling effects, and many list aloe as a main ingredient which helps sooth sunburn and heat rash.

Facial mists usually come in different scents such as rose (Glossier’s soothing face mist and Mario Badescu’s facial spray with rosewater, herbs and aloe), green tea (Mario Badescu’s facial spray with green tea, aloe and cucumber and Odacite’s mint and green tea hydra-purifying treatment mist) and coconut (Alaffia’s facial toning coconut and Lavett & Chin’s coconut moisturizing facial mist).

Facial sprays can also feature different additives with benefits such as sunscreen (Coola’s face makeup setting spray SPF 30 and Supergoop!’s defense refresh setting mist with rosemary), which allows the user to skip the step of separate sunscreen layered on top of a spritz of facial spray. Many face sprays also double as makeup setting spray, giving the skin care benefits of traditional facial sprays, combined with the guarantee that your makeup won’t slide all over your face four hours after initial application.

Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils, facial sprays help protect our skin from environmental elements. It is almost necessary to include a facial mist in skin care routines for oily skin to balance PH. Mists are also extremely beneficial for people with sensitive skin, combination skin or dry skin.

Now that you know what you’re missing by not having a facial spray incorporated into your routine for your skin, I hope you’re rushing to the nearest beauty counter to get a good spritz.

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