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Why Welcome Week is the Best

Well, it’s back to school time again, but fear not college students — there is time to adjust to your new home before getting back to the routine of classes and homework! VCU’s Welcome Week may just be the best week of your semester, or at least one of the most memorable. Welcome Week brings everyone together in their home away from home and encourages you to get out and meet new people. It’s a few days of the college experience without the obligation of class. Friends from years past reunite and future friends meet. While it is true that not every friend you make during Welcome Week will stay with you the rest of your college experience, or even the rest of the year, these people can be a valuable part making your week awesome.

During welcome week, VCU provides a full schedule of options and activities to ensure everyone is well acquainted with campus life; however, this does not have to be the extent of your welcome week activities. If you are looking to meet new people, you can check out some of the VCU Facebook pages and make a post looking for people to join you in your activities. I know I made memories this way! Last year was my freshman year and I bonded with some great friends after making a post asking if anyone would be interested in walking around and exploring campus. Our walk turned into several other activities like playing games in Break Point and eating dinner together. Luckily for me, several of the people that joined me turned out to become some of my closest college friends. The more people you take the time to meet and introduce yourself to, the more familiar faces you’ll see around campus.

If you are new or really just struggle to find your way around campus, take some opportunities to find your classses so you know what to expect and how long it will take you to get to class. Feeling prepared will help you to prevent your first day panic, and it will help you to ensure you arrive to class on time. Welcome Week is a great time to familarize yourself with the people and the places on campus. For those who know their way around, you can still enjoy a campus stroll. Taking a different route than usual may show you something you have never taken the time to notice before. 

So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste this opportunity! You only have one Welcome Week a year, so have fun with it! 

Jessica is a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at VCU, a Chapter Advisor and a retired Campus Expansion Assistant. She will graduate in May 2017, earning Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies. Her core areas of study include photography, journalism and media studies. In addition to school and her work with Her Campus, Jessica works at her university library as an information associate.
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