Why We Need More Films like "Moonlight"

When the groundbreaking film “Moonlight” hit theaters, there had been nothing like it before. Audiences across the nation and around the world were astounded by the raw – and often unpleasant – truth of navigating through life as a queer black person, more specifically, a queer black man. The movie exposed the harsh reality of how toxic masculinity can harm men in the black community, which is a growing issue that needs to be addressed.

Our society needs more movies like these. We need to set an example for younger generations of people questioning their sexuality and give them someone to look up to, besides the stereotypical white gay and lesbian couple. What about the young black boy or girl growing up in a lower-class neighborhood, who gets picked on at school for their sexuality? Who goes home to a broken family dynamic that does not support of their feelings towards the same sex that they try to repress to please them? This is, in fact, a reality for many teens around the world. Not every child or teen is fortunate enough to freely express themselves without experiencing any repercussions. "Moonlight" shed a perfect example of the realities of these children. It shed a light on the taboo subject in the black community, which is homosexuality.

This film is much more than just it’s plot. It is a statement. It is an exclusive look into the lives that are often overlooked, and it is exposing mainstream media to the various forms of black love, which are so desperately needed. We needed to see a positive betrayal of a black couple, especially in the context of a same-sex couple.

Thank you, "Moonlight", for shedding light on the black queer struggle. Thank you for showing millions of people what it is like to live in a world where self-expression is not always the only way to live life, that authenticity is not a universal concept. Thank you for making queer black people visible. 


A queer black individual

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