Why I Choose To Keep My Hair Short

When I was about five years old, my hair was cut into a short bob style. Since then, it has gotten shorter through the years. I've had just about every length and style of pixie hair. There have been styles I've regretted and styles I've loved. However, the one thing that remains the same is the question I've always been asked; “Why don’t you grow your hair out?” I choose to keep my hair short for many reasons some of those being;

1. Less Maintenance

Being able to take a five-minute shower is a blessing on those 8 a.m. class days. It also doesn’t take much time to dry and style, meaning I can get ready so much faster. 

2. Saves money

It takes me a good six months to go through a whole bottle of shampoo or a styling product. On top of all of this, it is only about $15 for me to get my hair cut unlike the $50 it takes to get long hair cut and styled. 

3. Your hair doesn’t get in the way

When doing activities around open flames or machinery that your hair could get caught in, you don’t have to worry about tying up your hair. 

4. Air-drying doesn’t take all day

On average it only takes my hair about two hours to dry when it's at its thickest, but I have friends with short hair and their hair will be dry before they are even finished getting ready. 

5. Easier haircuts

Now I know it may sound weird, but I like to go to a barbershop and get my haircut. The usual stereotype that barbershops are for old men has been completely forgotten by many women today. There are no appointments needed and it only takes about half an hour in comparison to a three-hour salon trip. 

On top of all of these reasons, I personally choose to keep my hair short because it helps keep me, be me. I enjoy my short hair and do not want to change it. Many of the women in my family choose to have short hair and to me, it is a sign of empowerment and independence.