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Why I Believe In Julie, The New Accessible Emergency Contraceptive

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Julie is a company changing the conversation around emergency contraception. An emerging brand, they are aiming to aid in the prevention of unwanted conception. Their product is an FDA-approved morning-after pill. 

There is a prevalent hush surrounding the topic of emergency contraception, which can lead to a lack of knowledge regarding how to use the pill, where to find it and the potential effects of taking it. Rare conversations about it also leads to a stigma surrounding using emergency contraception. Truth is, the morning-after pill is a common part of having sex. 

Julie aims to make the morning-after pill easy to obtain, use and discuss! This one-step emergency contraception is an effective and safe way to prevent an unwanted or mistimed pregnancy. This method is found to lower the chances of conception by nearly 90% if taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex or experiencing birth control failure. 

Their website is complete with information regarding their product’s composition, efficacy, and use. They have a selection of FAQs, a newsletter for subscribers and a page of educational articles regarding sexual health written by real doctors. They simplify the process of the morning-after pill, noting that the active ingredient, Levonorgestrel, temporarily delays the release of an egg from the ovary. Simply put, the pill helps to slow down ovulation to reduce the likelihood of getting pregnant. 

Julie aims to make their product accessible. Their morning-after pill is located at Target, CVS, Walmart, their website and through the GoPuff delivery service. Anyone can purchase this over-the-counter product without an ID or parental consent. Julie is legal in all 50 states. A wonderful part of this company is that for each Julie purchased, they donate one to someone in need. Since its launch this year, they’ve donated more than 200,000 pills. 19 million people live in contraceptive deserts, according to the Power to Decide organization. Supporting Julie means supporting someone in need of free access to emergency contraception.

Julie is an organization I wholeheartedly believe in. They advocate for access to sexual health and education for everyone. They claim that their product “aims to make reproductive healthcare the rule (not the exception).” Emergency contraception should be easy to access, understand, and use. Supporting this organization is taking charge of your sexual health, which is a power that this company can also provide to people in need.

Abigale Darnell (she/her) is a student in Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University with a minor in Creative Writing. She has an interest in holistic wellness, female empowerment, fashion and pop culture.