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Why ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Needs to End

For as long as I can remember, the television show “Grey’s Anatomy” has been on the air. And if you have yet to see it, here’s a fair warning that there are some definite spoilers ahead!

If you don’t know the premise of the show, it revolves around an intern (eventually an award-winning surgeon) named Meredith Grey. Throughout the past 13 years, the viewers of “Grey’s Anatomy” have watched Grey start a family, lose most of her friends (and her husband) due to death and grow as a human being in general. The show consists of groundbreaking plots, and the writers are really not afraid to do something dramatic. Even though I absolutely love this show, I really believe that it’s time for the show to come to an end.

“Grey’s Anatomy” was renewed for season 15 not long ago. This makes “Grey’s Anatomy” the longest running primetime drama in the history of the network. It’s such a major accomplishment, but I really feel like the show could’ve ended five seasons ago. The show used to have this spark, and most fans can agree with that. Personally, I just really don’t understand why the show hasn’t ended yet. The main character, Meredith, has been through so much throughout the years that I feel like she deserves a break. Not only that, but almost every original cast member is no longer on the show. The only characters from the show that have been on since season one are Grey, Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber. That’s only four characters when the show features an ensemble cast. I feel like if the show still had most of the cast members from the first seasons then I would’ve been more intrigued in the show now. It’s hard for me to get invested into a show I’ve watched for years with new characters when characters I grew to love throughout the years are no longer on the show.

At this point, I have absolutely no idea how or when “Grey’s Anatomy” will end. I feel like the show has dragged on for so long that there can’t really be a huge ending. I genuinely cannot believe that the show has panned out for over 15 seasons. Even though I feel like the show needs to end, at some points when I watch the show they have an amazing episode and it makes me feel so nostalgic of how long this show has been on. The one thing that I will say about this show is that whenever it seems to drag on, they have their moments when they pull me back in. Overall, “Grey’s Anatomy” is an amazing show and has broken a lot of new grounds. However, it’s time for them to pull the plug. 

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