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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Fall has always been my favorite season. The leaves turn the prettiest oranges and reds. The air is crisp and it’s not humid anymore. You can walk to class without sweating on your way there. I also love the outfit change from summer to fall. When places like Starbucks bring out their fall items, like the pumpkin spice options. 

When fall comes around, I feel like I can finally walk around and take in all that Richmond has to offer. My favorite place to walk through in the fall is Monument Avenue. The combination of the beautiful old houses and the tons of trees that turn bright orange and red is the closest thing to perfect I’ve seen. 

Although Belle Isle is always a beautiful place to go, the environment there during the fall makes me want to sit there for hours reading my favorite book. Even going on hikes and walking around Belle Isle is so calming. All you can hear is the slight wind blowing the trees and animals rustling around. 

Richmond also brings out the best things about fall with events and festivals. Scott’s Addition Pumpkin Festival is one that I have been looking forward to this year. There will be bands, food and even a costume contest on Arthur Ashe Boulevard. 

Whenever fall is almost here, everyone pulls out their Halloween decorations and it feels so nostalgic. All of the spooky decor with spider webs and orange pumpkins on every porch. It takes about a month or more to carefully plan out four or five costumes for the nights of Halloweekend. 

Thanksgiving is the end of fall for me, when everyone leaves Richmond and goes back home for Thanksgiving break. When you’re thankful to be back home but also sad to leave the fall in Richmond you won’t see until next year.

Brooke Lindberg is a communication journalism major at Virginia Commonwealth University. She loves writing about personal issues and hopes to reach some readers that relate:)