Why Every Woman Can Relate to "Ctrl"

Summer 2017 was filled with many album releases such as ‘’American Dream” by Khalid, “Freudian” by Daniel Caesar and many more, but SZA’s “Ctrl” tops the chart. In her debut album, SZA speaks about women being involved with men who don't treat them or act right and women being the “sidechick” while willingly knowing. She also speaks about women not feeling comfortable in their own skin, mental stability, freedom and plenty more. Her versatility on this album is exactly what women need because it can relate to any mood or situation that you're in. 

In relationships, society often places the emotional burden on women. SZA demonstrates this notion on track 10, “Anything." The lyrics starts with: "maybe I should kill my inhibition, maybe I’ll be perfect in a new dimension." She talks about a sense of hope, questioning herself and her existence. A lot of women put their all in a relationship, but often don't get the same in return. This often leads women to feel a level of uncertainty regarding their relationship because women portray themselves as strong individuals by putting on a mask and trying to get over things as quickly as possible.  

As previously stated, just because society places the emotional burden on women, this doesn’t change the fact that women need loving and support as well. Track 8 “Garden (Say It Like Dat)," talks about being in love, wanting your significant other to love every aspect of you and yearning from support from them. It’s about that feeling that every woman encounters from their boyfriend, side piece or friend with benefits that just drives them crazy, but also holds them down. 

The more I listen to this album, the more I think  that SZA put “Garden (Say it Like Dat)" and “Go Gina" next to each other because the two songs in a sense correlate. "Go Gina" is the perfect song you want to vibe to when you’re being carefree, your man is acting right and you just want to be or feel sexually liberated. When listening to this album in depth, females should realize that this is a testimony/expression of what a majority of females have faced at least once in their life and faced so often in this day and age.

Last but not least, track 6 “The Weekend,” the anthem where all the of the emotions and experiences that females go through are poured out within a 4 minute and 32 second track. SZA is calling males out for wanting their cake and eating it too, females for being a side chick and for having feelings for a man that doesn't treat them right. The song is also about what a guy looks forward to in a day or a week, regardless of how the girl feels and if it’s right or wrong. It's about getting that spark, having undermining loyalty and having actual human feelings. Every woman should listen to SZA's album and relish in the power and emotion filled anthems.