Why Do We Call Women "Hoes"?

You may have heard someone say a little something like this: “OMG! She slept with the entire basketball team she’s such a hoe.“

There are so many assumptions and opinions about what society considers a hoe, but what is a "hoe" really? Some people consider a girl a hoe for she sleeping around with a lot of guys. 

Society shames woman for sleeping around because we are suppose to respect ourselves and be “classy.” Society has brainwashed us to believe that women who have multiple sex partners are "hoes." Some people go so far as to think if you hang out with a lot of guys you’re considered a hoe.

According to the Twittersphere, if you use Snapchat’s infamous dog filter you’re considered a hoe. How does choosing a funny filter characterize me as a person? This mindset has got to go. Women are no longer considered property, but society still holds us to a higher archaic based standard on sex and just being a female in general.

Flirting is another common way to get yourself classified a "hoe." There’s no harm in flirting, and it doesn’t always mean you’re trying to get with that person. Sometimes women don’t even know that they’re fliriting because they can be just a genuinely nice person.  

Gentleman you are not excused. Good try, trying to use your “I’m a guy pass.” 

Men aren’t judged the same way as females, society holds them to a different standard which is completely unfair. When a guy has casual sex he gets a high five from his bros, where as when a woman has casual sex females often get slut shammed. A lot of guys tend to boast about how many sexual partners they've had, yet are quick to call a female "hoe." But what makes her so different from you? She likes to have sex just as much as you do.

I know you’re probably thinking what about when you hear a girl or guy calling a woman a "hoe" because of the apparel she has on. There is no correlation between the way someone dresses and sexual promiscuity. Just because a person dresses “sexy” doesn’t mean they’re promiscuous, it means they are confident with their body and don’t care what others think. The clothes someone decides to wear don’t characterize them as a person.  For example Kim Kardashian is always being bashed for her sexually liberated attitude. She’s an advocate for “free the nipple” and people bash her because of it. People on social media are always slandering her name specifically calling her a “hoe.” Although Kim Kardashian receives a lot of backlash she still remains comfortable in her own skin.


 If you want to wear your crop top with your mini shorts do it. If you want to expose a little cleavage all power to you. Wearing what you want to wear does not consider you a hoe, so we can all just get that out of our heads for good.