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What Students Are Wearing at VCU

While walking around Virginia Commonwealth University's campus during the last few weeks, I have loved being able to see so much creativity and inspiration in student fashion! As an aspiring fashion design major, it has been great to be inspired by the different ways people style and express themselves through their clothing. From the lounging students at Monroe Park to the students I see walking around to explore Richmond, I have been able to catch so many cool outfits this week and I am sharing them with you! This week, I am making a style column to show off these enrolled fashionistas at VCU and sharing how they view their own personal style. In addition to pictures, each student was given an opportunity to talk a little bit more about what inspires their style and how they use it for self-expression. 

Emma Jean

“With my style, I tend to go more for colors and textures rather than brands. To me, it’s also all about confidence-- wearing anything with confidence is what makes it you! I personally love earth tones as they’re easy on the eyes and aesthetic. I also love a single, bright-colored item. Self expression is so important and I feel as though one can express that through their style!”

Julie Bernandez

“My style is based on how I feel. Some of my biggest influences are from artists like Slick Woods and Teyana Taylor because of how versatile and free their styles are. I would consider my style to be an expressive art. I can be casual some days, but I also like to experiment with femininity and masculinity through different pieces and styles. I think it’s important to find your true self!”

Jonathan Godoy

“I think my personal style is all over the place but I like to see it as street fashion mixed in with a little vintage taste. Something edgy!”

Whether you use this as outfit inspiration or to consider a new personal style, I hope you guys enjoy this week’s read and look forward to doing more columns in the future on student fashion! As many of the students featured this week said, fashion is about finding your own personal style and feeling confident in yourself through the clothes you wear. In this city, there are so many cool places to draw inspiration from in your style and to find some cool pieces. It can be fun to take inspiration from trends and other people’s style but never be afraid to try something new or wear something unique that makes you feel good. I want to start using this platform to share this message and to encourage people to share their personal style with others.

Keziah is a writer for Her Campus. She is majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. HCXO!
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