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What One Chick-Fil-A Did for Police Officers is Inspiring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

It’s no secret that police have been under fire in the media recently. However, many restaurants are also being criticized for how they’ve treated law enforcement officers.

Two Dunkin’ Donuts are apologizing for their employees, one who wrote #BlackLivesMatter on an officer’s cup and another who said “We don’t serve cops here.” Just two months ago, an Olive Garden in Kansas turned away an officer celebrating his birthday with family because he was armed while in uniform.

One Chick-fil-a in The Woodlands at College Park, Texas made headlines for how they treated police officers at their store, but it’s not how you’d think. Employees at this Chick-Fil-A wore shirts with the messages “Go Blue or Go Home” and “Back the Blue”.

Chick-Fil-A manager Eli Advincula told TheBlaze the shirts were used to support law enforcement officers as well as show support for their local high school football team, whose colors are blue and green. Their Facebook page was full of positive support and customers using #LESMA for Law Enforcement and Supporters for Media Accountability.

Okay Chick-Fil-A, can you give us one more reason to love eating here? According to the Chick-fil-A The Woodlands at College Park Facebook page, the t-shirts are available for purchase at their store.

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