What It's Like to Date Someone With the Same Last Name

Let’s face it: dating is hard. Finding that significant other that you can truly be yourself around, have a good time with and genuinely love is not an easy task. I had never really found that kind of person, that is, until the first day of my English class at Virginia Commonwealth University. The class was small, about 19 people or so, and our teacher began to take attendance. Right after she called my name, she called on a guy who had the same last name as me and asked us if we were related. I looked around to match a face to the name. We both had never seen each other around campus before and both replied, “No,” to our professor. 

Fast forward a few months, and now we’re dating! Yup, our English professor brought us together, a story for the books, right?

Dating someone who shares the same last name as me is not entirely “easy” as you can imagine. Some people thought I was posting photos of myself with my brother on Instagram, others have seemed to assume were just cousins. And yes, people have asked us if we were brother and sister.

There has also been an enormous amount of incest jokes! (Which do get old, believe it or not!)

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “How do you know for sure you’re not related?” Let me tell you, we have paid too much money on Ancesty.com to make sure that we are NOT related, or at least as far as we could go back. 

So yeah, it is kind of weird to be dating someone that has the same last name as me, but I’m just hoping I won’t have to change my last name if we end up getting married.

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