What the F*ck is "F*ck the Press"

One of Her Campus at VCU’s own writers has been trailblazing through the blogging world with her own informative approach to current events. Mariam Nebiyu, along with one of her closest friends, Seli Gebreyesus, founded the blog F*ck the Press.

Like many of their friends and family, they were tired of hearing biased reports of half-truths presented by the media. They were glued to the idea of being able to educate their friends and family in a way that wasn’t hostile and awkward. They wanted a news source that was honest and reliable and wasn’t Twitter. With these ideas in mind, they banned together with the same belief: all networks have some sort of bias, whether it be to the left or right, and they wanted a network that reflected an unbiased point of view. Hence the name, F*ck the Press.

Graphic made by chapter member Mariam Nebiyu Mariam Nebiyu

Although the blog is relatively new (beginning their publications in January 2020), they have started a type of blog that is very hard to come by. Honest, direct and with very little bullsh*t. Their main goal, as told by co-founder Mariam Nebiyu, is “to be able to inform people while trying to be as relatable as possible,” which in my opinion is a very noble approach to journalism. They hope to reach college students and young adults who usually don’t read the news or only get their news from sources like Twitter.

On their blog, you can find many different current events covered with a debunking, unbiased perspective. Their articles urge you to read past the headlines and understand the facts of current events. If the current state of the world is bogging you down, I definitely recommend you take a stroll through their blog and learn what the f*ck is going on in the world.

You can find F*ck the Press on their website, fckthepress.com, or on Instagram @Fckthepress. They upload new articles every Thursday and Saturday, so make sure you didn’t miss any, especially with the Presidential election picking up speed!