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VCU’s New Student Organization “Campus Curlz”

As the discussion grows about campus culture and its inclusivity, or in some cases lack of, students have taken matters into their own hands. They’ve created spaces and communities for like-minded people who share the same experiences and values, while also welcoming others who may want to learn or are curious. Such is the case with one of Virginia Commonwealth University’s newest student organization: Campus Curlz.

Two sophomores at Hampton University, Nia Wellman and Kiyanna Monroe, started Campus Curlz in January 2017. Although the organization is very young, many other campuses have started chapters at their school. Campus Curlz has spread like wildfire, from UCLA, FAMU and Temple University, there are chapters all over the country. The two sophomores who started the organization shared a vision of uniting like minded individuals who shared an interest and passion for the diversity of natural hair, and service learning. It’s no surprise that so many schools have wanted to bring the organization to their campus.

VCU’s chapter is run by 10 lovely ladies. Saleeha Artis, president of VCU’s chapter, has known Kiyanna Monroe since they were little. As Monroe grew Campus Curlz on Hampton’s campus, Artis wanted to bring that same vision and group of people together at VCU. After Monroe and Wellman announced they wanted to expand Campus Curlz to other campuses, Artis jumped at the opportunity. Since then Artis and the rest of the executive board have hit the ground running.

Despite being a young organization, Campus Curlz at VCU already has quite the presence. They were pleased at how many people were interested in being a part of the organization, as they had over 100 applicants. The executive board has already completed a few service projects such as painting bathrooms at the YWCA and volunteering at Give a Day RVA. It’s clear that they have no intention of slowing down. Fundraisers, educational/social programs and more community service are lined up for the rest of October. 

Campus Curlz executive board: Najlaa Green, Shaytorria Skinner, Ariana Braithwaiote, Lauren Floyd, Sara Adams, Alexis Green, Genaya Gaines, Kayla Burfoot, Daneisha Kidd and Nile Richardson 

Campus Curlz helping paint the YWCA

Campuz Curlz members volunteering at YWCA

“I would like people to know that Campus Curlz is not just a natural hair club,” Artis said. “We value and emphasize the importance of service and uplifting our community. We want to make an everlasting impact, and create a platform for young women and men with these same core values.”

Follow their instagram to keep up with all the exciting things Campus Curlz has in store!

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Terrina is a VCU student who enjoys complaining about how country Richmond is. She is a major foodie and  serious Netflix binger. She's also really black and really proud. 
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