Valentine's Day Hairstyles for Curly Haired Queens

Tired of wearing the same old hairstyles? Are you trying to spice up your Valentine's Day look? With just a brush, some hair ties and a hair clip that mostly resembles a claw, you can achieve some fashionable hairstyles this Valentine's Day.

  1. 1. The Sleek Bun

    I know this style may seem difficult to achieve because how can you get all of your hair into that tiny bun? I had the same reservations and I actually had completely given up on ever achieving this sleek look. Then I watched Sagonia Lazarof’s helpful tutorial on Youtube, detailing how she achieves this chic look. You can also check out her Valentine’s Day look video. Now I can’t stop styling my hair like this! I usually style it the day before I wash my hair when my curls are flat and lifeless. The one thing I do differently from Sagonia is that I use Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Hair Oil to help flatten and slick back my hair. Try using a brush and some water to flatten the top of your head. Then spray the hair oil over it to achieve the glossy finish. After you’re done you can now enjoy a romantic and classy evening with your significant other.

  2. 2. Silk Scarves

    Hair scarves give off a Parisian and romantic look while also being casual. Now you can translate those same impressions to your hair with this Valentine’s Day look. You can wear this style to an outdoor Valentine’s Day event or wear to brunch for Galentine’s Day. All you need is a silk scarf, this can be found at a consignment store, the mall, or even your own closet. Then you need to grab a hair tie or a scrunchie, whatever you use to keep your hair up and out of your face. To achieve this look, I tie my hair back leaving two long strands of hair at the front of my face. The strands of hair are left out to shape your face and to give it a slightly messy look. Now, take your scarf and fold it in half. Grab the ends on each side of the scarf and tie it around your head. Undo your hair tie and wet the strands of hair you left out while curling them around your finger. This makes the hair curly instead of frizzy. Finally, you’re finished and you can enjoy your Valentine’s Day. It’s Just Jhordan on Youtube has a great tutorial if you’re a more visual person. Skip to six minutes and 49 seconds for the last look!

  3. 3. The Half Up Half Down

    This style can be used for wavy hair and loose curls. All you need is a large hair clip, the kind that looks like a claw. Then you take a portion of hair on each side of your head, wrap each portion around your head until they meet at the back of your head. Then you grab the hair clip to fasten them together. Now you have an easy Valentine’s day look that makes it seem like you used a lot of effort. For this look, you can take two strands at the front of your face as you did in the last style to create a messier look. Taylor Laios has a great lesson on Youtube, on how she styles her wavy hair. For the half up half down look skip six minutes into the video.

  4. 4. Faux Bangs

    Listen everyone at some point in their lives wonders what they would look like with bangs. Now, you don't have to wonder! With this hairstyle, you can make everyone think you cut yourself bangs at 2 a.m. while you were bored. An easy way to do this without actually cutting your bangs is to grab some bobby pins. First, put the majority of your hair up and out of the way so you can grab some of the shorter strands of hair that usually frame your face. Then take those strands of hair pull them up to your preferred length for the bangs and bobby pin them in place. Show off your faux bangs to your friends for Galentine’s Day or wow your significant other. AbbieCurls has a Youtube video detailing how she creates her own faux fringe.

Now when you're getting ready for your date or a night out for Galentine's Day you don't have to scramble to do your hair. Instead, use one of these four hairstyles to make getting ready easier and more efficient!